About Me

NerdOrGeek commenced as an ambitious and thriving tech blog specializing in consumer electronics. Over time, we’ve evolved into a renowned source for up-to-the-minute coverage of the technology industry, spanning a diverse range of topics, including Viral Videos and various categories housed in our Etc Section.

As our writing team expanded, so did the breadth of our site. Today, we delve into a wide array of subjects, ranging from crypto, mobile phones, accessories, and video game hardware to software, current technology business news, events, and beyond. Our primary focus is to furnish consumers with timely information to aid in their tech-related purchasing decisions. Despite being a youthful platform, we are vigorously growing and extending our influence across the web. I firmly believe that the internet and technology realms remain in their early stages, teeming with opportunities and innovations.

Continuous self-improvement is ingrained in our ethos, and we strive to enhance both ourselves and the site daily. Our written articles, visual video reviews, and “how-to” tutorials are crafted with the aim of assisting you in your tech-centric lives. Although our initial goal was breaking into E3, our ambitions have since broadened to encompass other conferences and press events like CES, Pax, Gen Con, and more! Ultimately, we exist to bring pleasure to our viewers, catering to your thirst for new technology information or the latest in gaming news. We are here for you now and will continue to be in the future!