Reviewing We ❤ Swift. A site dedicated to the Swift programming language and iOS.

Read by over 100,000 people, We ❤ Swift is hands down one of the best resources for people who have no programming experience and want to learn basic programming or how to make an App. For $25, you can buy Training app + the PDF and ePub versions of the book! (Coupon down below) I tried so […]

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The Next 10 Years Of Automation and What It Might Mean For The Job Market

Regarding Automation with the perspective of law, these sorts of stories and the studies that underlie them tend to fundamentally misunderstand much of the practice of law. There is no objective reality in law.   There are no immutable laws of physics. There is no universally accepted way of interpreting and executing code. The heart […]

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Thinking about choosing IT as a career? Read my answers to an aspiring IT professional!

I’m going to answer 2 questions today. One from a Junior in High School and a 24 year old Developer/Programmer Analyst (for a local bank).   Question from the Junior in High School: Email: Hi Jason, I’m a Junior in high school and I’ve been thinking about getting into IT and to the people who work […]

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Want a lot more focus and no caffeine jitters? We’ve Got You Covered.

After a disappointing attempt with Addium, I decided not to give up on nootropics right away, good idea. Instead, I found a new brand of cognitive enhancing supplements called RISE by Nootrobox.   The Nootrobox Team sent me free samples (month-long supply – 60 capsules, two capsules a day) and here are my 2¢. Nootrobox RISE is […]

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Magento vs. WordPress

Magento is a very hard open source platform with only “self-supported” support. WordPress on the other hand is much, much, much easier to use.   First of all, I agree that Magento is an excellent choice for e-commerce and is not meant for a small store, but I find disappointing in this article that there […]

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There is Water on Mars, says NASA.

“Under certain circumstances, liquid water has been found on Mars” – Jim Green, NASA Planetary Science Director Hear that Nestlé? You’re now allowed to open an illegal water pumping & bottling plant on Mars.   This is amazing. What a time to be alive. This is why we need to keep funding NASA and science… rather than GOP bible […]

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facebook dislike button watermarked 2

Facebook testing a dislike button?

For users who have been awaiting the arrival of a Facebook “Dislike” button, it seems Facebook is starting to test this feature with a randomly small selected amount of people. Unlike the scam where it appears as a Facebook status in your News Feed, this dislike button is seen only by the user him/herself. You can dislike other’s […]

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Ben Carson thinks the Big Bang is a Fairy Tale

Anyone who uses the jet / hurricane comparison immediately outs themselves as not understanding the basics of evolution. Anyone who reads even a little bit online about the scientific and proven explanation for evolution knows the jet/hurricane comparison does not apply whatsoever.   So, Ben Carson, You think the big bang is a fairy tale […]

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Ahmed Mohamed is a Fraud and here’s why.

Initially I was appalled at this kids arrest, however after Richard Dawson brought a closer look to my attention, I see he is absolutely correct. The kid took the guts out of a bedside clock and mounted it into a briefcase. Why is a good question? So why?   At 14, I knew enough not to […]

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