Benefits of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are simply a digital form of currency. E.g. Bitcoin – The first and original, will be in high demand for the foreseeable future. The brand is super strong, but in terms of practical usage the network is backed up and the mining community has huge political fighting about how to solve its problems. So […]

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Are you a multipotentialite?

 A Multipotentialite is a person who believes that their indecision isn’t caused by their insecurities, but rather their “multiple strengths“. Someone with many interests and creative pursuits.   Here are a ton of questions I thought to myself, which I’ll share to you guys/gals: Do you feel anxious when your about your zigzagging career […]

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Mark Cuban tells Kyle Bass AI will ‘change everything’

Ultimately the goal is the hope to create human-level intelligence. Honestly, my most immediate concern with AI would be people overestimating its capabilities.   “The computer said it was fine, so we don’t need real world testing and validation or oversight” seems to be a potential future mantra for MBA’s looking to cut costs. We […]

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Peter Thiel Sells 73% of Remaining Facebook Stake

Billionaire Peter Thiel, an early investor in Facebook Inc., sold 73 percent of his stake in the social-media company this week.   In May 2012, Thiel sold 16.8 million shares for $638 million. In August 2012, Thiel sold almost all of his remaining stake, $395.8 million, for a total of more than $1 billion. In […]

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Uber fires employees after hack cover-up

Uber has fired two employees after a breach of user data was covered up last year, Dara Khosrowshahi has revealed to the public. In a blog post, he said that the October 2016 data breach had only been revealed to him recently, and that two employees whose job it was to respond appropriately to a […]

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what is a data scientist

What are all the differences between Analyst titles?

What is the difference between business analyst, data analyst, data scientist, business intelligence analyst, business systems analyst, and product manager? This is a very important question as people are often confused between these designations and if the same skill set qualifies to get one of these roles.   A Business analyst (BA) is person who […]

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What every aspiring data analysts should be learning first

Statistics. Get familiar and comfortable with combinations, permutations, different types of probability, linear regression, hypothesis testing, different types of distributions.   Python or R? When it comes to analysis, Python is mostly used for Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Python use to have an advantage over R when it came to Deep Learning due to […]

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The next big thing in PC storage (PCIe-based SSD)

Interesting to have 375gb as addressable memory for only $1500. I can see why people are excited about this. I would expect in 5 or so years for AWS et. al. to be offering cheaper VM provisions with Optane for customers who don’t mind the small performance hit.   It’s my understanding that Optane’s capabilities […]

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StarCraft Remastered announced for PC

Blizzard Entertainment has announced StarCraft: Remastered, a remastered version of the 1998-released real-time strategy classic. It will launch for PC this summer (Q2 2017).   I was worried they might be replacing the classic visuals with 3D modeled characters and environments, but I guess they’re just making the sprites cleaner and higher resolution so I’m […]

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Adorable little girl Rayna mistakes a broken water heater for a robot

An adorable little girl named Rayna mistakes a broken water heater for a robot. This video will trigger your autonomic nervous system to cause the muscles which control your glottis and larynx to tense up.   It will cause tears people, watch it.

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The Real Beauty and the Beast

We all know the fascinating Disney fairytale The Beauty and the Beast, but a few of us know the real story behind it. Disney’s “Beast” character was actually inspired by a man named Petrus Gonsalvus who was suffering from hypertrichosis (Ambras syndrome).   This extremely rare disease caused his whole body, including face, to be […]

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Why it’s so hard for small companies to compete in the BBQ market.

  If you look at BBQ Sauce products from the world’s largest producer of BBQ which have over a 50% market share in the USA, you’ll notice that BBQ is damn heavy. Knowing this, it is much more cost effective to make it in large batches and send it in huge shipments.   No one […]

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