The timeline below outlines significant events in the Israel-Hamas conflict, involving various geopolitical developments, military actions, and diplomatic efforts.

Here is a summarized version from October 7th to the current date:

*Any tweet on Twitter/X that has been flagged from Community Notes as False or Misleading and unconfirmed news has not been included in the below timeline.

October 7th:

  • Hamas launches a surprise attack on Israel.
  • Israel denies the capture of General Nimrod Aloni.
  • Rockets are launched towards central Israel.
  • Israel’s security council aims to destroy the military capabilities of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.
  • Israeli forces prepare for a potential involvement of Hezbollah.
  • Israeli warships and tanks target Gaza.
  • Iranian support for Hamas is hinted.
  • Netanyahu requests emergency US funding for Iron Dome defense system.
  • Reports of Iranian links in the conflict emerge but are unconfirmed.
  • IDF decimates a residential tower in Gaza.
  • Israeli military braces for Hezbollah’s potential entry into the war.
  • Reports of Hamas members escaping a police station in Sderot.
  • Israeli tanks and warships target Gaza.
  • Media reports suggest an Israeli ground operation approval.
  • Intelligence failures in the Hamas attack.
  • Tel Aviv building collapses due to a missile strike.
  • Israeli tanks move toward the south of Gaza.
  • Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei expresses support for Palestinian youth.
  • Nahal Infantry Brigade commander, Col. Yonatan Steinberg, is killed.
  • Former US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper labels the attack an intelligence failure.
  • Hamas commander Saleh al-Arouri threatens continued battle.
  • Death toll rises in Gaza and Israel.
  • Hezbollah reportedly goes on high alert.
  • Reports suggest a ground invasion approval by the Israeli National Security Council.
  • Thousands of Palestinians reportedly enter Israel.
  • Saudi Arabia holds Israel responsible for the conflict.
  • Rockets continue to be launched from Gaza, and Israel reinforces its military.
  • Lindsey Graham threatens US strikes on Iran.
  • Reports of an ammunition depot hit in Gaza.
  • Reports of armed clashes in Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem.
  • Polish President authorizes military deployment to evacuate Polish citizens in Israel.
  • Israeli Chief of Staff declares “It is time for war.”

October 8th:

  • Reports claim Iran helped plan and gave the green light for Hamas’ attack.
  • Demonstrations in NYC support Palestine.
  • Russian hacker group Killnet hacks Israel government website.
  • Israel amasses 100,000 troops on Gaza border.
  • US military moves an aircraft carrier near Israel.
  • US Air Force deploys additional fighter jets to the Middle East.
  • Hamas announces targeting Israeli International Airport with 150 rockets.
  • Israel’s Defense Minister vows to cripple Gaza.
  • IDF reports capturing Hamas’ Deputy Commander of Naval Force.
  • Hamas confirms having over 100 hostages, including foreign nationals captured during a music festival near Gaza.

October 9th:

  • US Response: John Kirby emphasizes no intention of sending American forces to Israel, sends aircraft carrier for support.
  • Iran’s Accusation: US accuses Iran of being “complicit” in Hamas’s attack; Iran denies involvement.
  • Casualties and International Support: Thousands affected in Israel; international joint statement supporting justice for Israelis and Palestinians.
  • Military Actions: Israeli navy bombs Hamas targets; reports of Hamas fighters in Israeli territory.
  • Global Casualties: Numerous international casualties reported; US not considering evacuating citizens yet.
  • Regional Tensions: Reports of Iranian-backed groups mobilizing on Syria-Israel border.
  • US Statements: Biden confirms American deaths; Kirby reiterates no troops sent to Israel.
  • Saudi Involvement: Saudi Crown Prince works to stop escalation, emphasizes adherence to humanitarian law.
  • Military Movements: Israeli army deploys troops to Lebanon border; rocket fired from Lebanon.
  • Naval Operations: USS Gerald R Ford carrier strike group deployed for maritime and air operations.
  • Threats and Warnings: UAE warns Syria; Israeli Defense Force vigilant on northern border.
  • Global Support: UK Prime Minister addresses Jewish community; international condemnation of Hamas attack.
  • Israeli Actions: Intensive raids on Gaza; potential Hamas infiltration; civilian areas impacted.
  • Losses and Reserves: Israeli Lieutenant Colonel killed; reservists mobilize for combat.
  • Hamas Actions: Ambushes, hostage killings, and territorial infiltration reported.
  • Regional Diplomacy: Saudi Crown Prince communicates efforts to halt escalation.
  • Military Updates: Targets attacked, artillery fire reported on borders.
  • Humanitarian Concerns: Bombing near hospital; civilian casualties rising.

October 10th:

  • US Defense Measures: Deployments to deter regional powers; ongoing airstrikes in Gaza.
  • Hostage Situation: US offers intelligence support; limited information on hostages.
  • Airlines’ Response: American Airlines suspends flights; potential evacuation plans by other countries.
  • International Talks: Diplomatic efforts to reduce escalation; ongoing military operations.
  • Humanitarian Aid: Egypt allows aid delivery through Rafah crossing.
  • Israeli Perspective: Netanyahu calls for a strong military campaign; rising Israeli casualties.
  • International Evacuation: Netherlands, Germany, Austria plan military aircraft dispatch for citizen evacuation.
  • US Military Movements: Consideration of additional aircraft carrier; transport plane with ammunition lands.
  • Global Diplomacy: Blinken reassures unwavering US support; UK works to prevent wider conflict.
  • Hamas Response to Biden: Strong rejection of Biden’s statements; tensions rise.
  • Military Updates: IDF targets Hamas locations; naval shelling reported.
  • Global Concerns: International leaders express worry about the situation; potential shift of attention from other global issues.
  • Media Footage: Videos capture Hezbollah targeting Israeli carrier; Hamas members in action.

October 11th:

  • Political Support for Action: Israel Beitenu Chairman Avigdor Lieberman expresses full support for the government’s actions against Hamas.
  • Turkish-Palestinian Relations: Palestinian Ambassador to Turkey acknowledges Turkey’s support for the Palestinian cause, linking regional tensions to a just solution.
  • US Position: President Biden condemns Hamas terrorism in a call with the Emirati counterpart, emphasizing warnings against exploiting the situation.
  • Evacuation Plans: The US explores methods, including sea and land routes through neighboring countries, to evacuate American citizens from Israel.
  • Gaza Casualties: Heavy Israeli shelling results in 51 dead and 281 wounded in Sabra, Al-Zaytoun, Al-Nafaq, and Tel Al-Hawa. UNRWA reports 220,000 displaced housed in 88 schools.
  • Hamas Leader’s Statement: Izzat Al-Rishq claims the occupation targets civilians, emphasizing the resistance’s persistence until aggression stops.
  • UN Concerns: UN Secretary-General reports destruction of 1,000 housing units, displacement of 263,000, and damage to water and sanitation facilities.
  • Humanitarian Crisis: Palestinian Ministry of Health warns of hospitals reaching capacity, shortage of medical supplies, and fuel, urging immediate action for safe medical equipment passage.
  • Hostage Situation: Unconfirmed reports by HAMAS’ Al-Qassam on the release of an Israeli woman and her two children.
  • Iran’s Role Warning: Israeli Army Spokesman warns of escalation if Iran is directly involved in the Hamas attack.
  • International Diplomacy: Saudi Crown Prince communicates efforts to stop the escalation; Germany supplies drones to Israel.
  • Global Condemnation and Support: President Biden increases security measures around US Jewish places of worship, while the UK PM stresses protection for civilians.
  • Military Deployments: USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group heads to Europe; Israeli Defense Force members increase from 170,000 to 530,000.
  • Statements on Anti-Semitism: Biden directs protection of Jews in the US, condemns anti-Semitism, and informs Netanyahu of adherence to rules of war.
  • Iran-Saudi Phone Call: Presidents Raisi and bin Salman discuss Palestine in their first-ever phone call.

October 12th:

  • Israeli Military Activity: Reports of Israeli military vehicles in Jenin; Hamas deploys Iranian-made defense mechanisms.
  • Ongoing Clashes: Fights reported in various locations; Knesset grants confidence to the Israeli emergency government.
  • International Response: US Secretary of Defense and German Foreign Minister to visit Israel; White House updates on American casualties, charter flights, talks with Israel, and denial of Iran’s direct involvement.
  • ICC Jurisdiction: International Criminal Prosecutor authorizes the investigation of war crimes by both Hamas and Israel.
  • Regional Reactions: Iran’s Foreign Minister congratulates Palestinians, while Egypt’s President calls for reason, negotiation, and humanitarian aid.
  • Global Solidarity and Threats: French President Macron supports Israel’s right to defend, while Lebanon’s politician warns against aggression. Venezuela calls for an immediate ceasefire.
  • Israel’s Ground Incursion Plans: Israeli Military awaits political approval for a ground incursion into Gaza with the goal of disarmament.
  • Explosive Impact in Gaza: Over 6,000 bombs dropped in 6 days, surpassing ISIS air operation averages in Iraq and Syria.
  • Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza: Power and internet outages lead to creative charging solutions; Jordan condemns Israel’s refusal to allow aid into Gaza.
  • International Outreach: McDonald’s donates meals to the Israeli defense forces; Iran warns of all possibilities in the region’s future.

October 13th:

  • Israeli Army unable to locate hostages; Hamas targets Northern Region Command with a missile.
  • Syria claims U.S. and Europe sent fleets to support Israel.
  • U.S. gives “Green Light” for any operation by Israel.
  • U.S. Treasury Secretary discusses strengthening sanctions on Hamas.
  • Iron Dome missile debris damages a home in Northern Israel.
  • UN reports no water in Gaza for 6 days; U.S. Marine Expeditionary Unit on alert.
  • Biden prioritizes Gaza humanitarian crisis; UN warns of Lebanon-Israel escalation.
  • Hamas accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing; IDF finds bodies of missing Israelis.
  • Sderot building ablaze; USS Roosevelt and USS Thomas Hudner dock in Greece.
  • Biden searches for American hostages; clashes in Jerusalem and Gaza.
  • WHO urges cancellation of Gaza evacuation; UN calls for a humanitarian corridor.
  • Video shows Hamas downing Sa’ar plane; Israeli tanks advance into Gaza.
  • Reports of rocket fired at Haifa; UK Royal Air Force aircraft airborne.
  • Lufthansa suspends Beirut flights; Quds News Gaza Facebook page removed.
  • Netanyahu vows to eliminate Hamas; UN ambassador appeals for intervention.
  • Hezbollah ready to act; Trump supports Israel via Truth Social.
  • Suspected drone enters Israel; Al Awda Hospital in Gaza warned of bombing.
  • CNN retracts unconfirmed news; U.S. urges delay of Israeli ground attack.
  • Israeli police hold BBC journalists; explosive detonates in Israeli vehicle.
  • Hamas praises Russia’s stance; drone strike on Israeli checkpoint.
  • Al Jazeera condemns press attack; Russia presents ceasefire resolution.

October 14th:

  • Accusations of Israeli crimes by Palestinian official; Al-Aqsa Channel reports wounded Israeli prisoners.
  • U.S. pressures China on Middle East influence; Red Cross concerned about Gaza.
  • Artillery shelling between Hezbollah and Israel; Meta deletes Quds News Network.
  • Egypt and Turkey discuss humanitarian impact; Gaza hospital rejects evacuation.
  • Hamas claims responsibility for border attacks; Israeli National Security Council accepts responsibility.
  • Hamas rejects displacement; rocket strike in Ashdod; accidental shooting of an Israeli soldier.
  • WHO appeals for aid in Gaza; escalation at Israel-Lebanon border.
  • Hezbollah claims attack on Israeli positions; appeal for hospital protection.
  • Israel prepares for next war stages; Biden collaborates for aid flow and law observance.
  • Israeli Army announces war continuation; video of drone strikes on Hezbollah.
  • Missile shells launched at southern Lebanon; Iron Dome intercepts attacks.
  • Syrian missile towards Golan Heights; Chinese Foreign Minister calls for peace conference.
  • Israel deploys laser system; Israeli ground offensive expected; warnings about Gaza invasion.
  • Russia urges UN vote for Israel-Hamas truce; Hamas rocket barrage on Ashdod.
  • Disputes within Israeli government; escape of Israeli soldiers; U.S. warships head to the Eastern Mediterranean.
  • Massive rocket barrage from Gaza; France seeks to censor Hamas channel.
  • Protests in Jordan against U.S.; photos of Hamas efforts in Gaza; London demonstration for Palestine.
  • Hamas sends a warning video to Israeli forces; Iran’s message to Israel via UN.
  • Footage of Israeli aircraft bombing civilian vehicles; Iran’s Foreign Minister meets Hamas leader in Doha.

October 15:

  • Israel-Lebanon Border Tensions:
    • Heavy gunfire reported on the Israel-Lebanon border, leading residents to seek shelter.
    • Israeli airstrikes on Hezbollah targets.
    • Hezbollah launches mortars towards Northern Israel.
  • Palestinian Health Updates:
    • Death toll in West Bank rises to 56, including 17 children.
    • Gaza crisis with significant casualties, especially among children and women.
  • International Concerns:
    • US National Security Advisor expresses concern about Iran and Hezbollah involvement.
    • Israeli President denies plans to reoccupy Gaza.
  • Escalation:
    • Ongoing clashes between Israel and Hezbollah.
    • Rockets fired from Lebanon to Israel.
    • US evacuates citizens from Northern Israel.
  • Political Statements:
    • Biden emphasizes the distinction between Palestinians and Hamas.
    • Iran’s President warns of complications if Gaza killings continue.
    • Lebanese Foreign Minister claims no control over Hezbollah.
  • Military Actions:
    • Israeli jets heard over Beirut.
    • Anti-tank missile fired from Lebanon at an Israeli tank.
    • Israel shells borders with Lebanon.
  • Humanitarian Developments:
    • Humanitarian aid allowed into Gaza.
    • Evacuation of foreign nationals through Egypt permitted.

October 16:

  • Lebanese Army Discovery:
    • Lebanese army finds rocket-launching platforms in Southern Lebanon.
  • International Response:
    • US military prepares troops to support Israel without combat roles.
    • Biden emphasizes combating Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.
  • Military Operations:
    • IDF strikes Hezbollah targets in Lebanon.
    • Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu asserts the goal of defeating Hamas.
  • Diplomatic Efforts:
    • Putin engages with Netanyahu, Abbas, and Raisi on Gaza developments.
    • German Chancellor begins Middle East tour.
  • Humanitarian Concerns:
    • Red Cross and WHO warn of an impending disaster.
    • US Senate approves more funding for Israel.
  • Escalation Continues:
    • Israeli forces shelling borders with Lebanon using phosphorus bombs.
    • US Secretary of State and Israeli PM seek shelter during Tel Aviv shelling.
  • Military Deployment:
    • US Defense officials confirm the deployment of 2,500 Marines to the region.
  • Security Incidents:
    • Israeli Security Agency admits intelligence failure regarding Hamas attacks.
    • Hostage video of an Israeli citizen held in Gaza released by Hamas.

October 17th:

  • Gaza Hospital Bombing: Israel is accused of bombing Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza. Hamas condemns it as genocide, leading to international condemnation.
  • Hezbollah Activity: Israel claims increased Hezbollah activity on the northern border.
  • Explosions in Southern Lebanon: Continuous explosions heard, likely due to Israeli artillery fire.
  • Travel Warning for Israelis: Israel warns citizens against traveling to Turkey due to an escalated threat.
  • Aid Package to Israel: Schumer aims to secure a $10 billion aid package for Israel.
  • Binance Crypto Accounts Frozen: Israel freezes over 100 accounts on Binance, alleging funding for Hamas.
  • UN Reports Humanitarian Crisis: UN warns of a deteriorating humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
  • Biden Considers Aid: Biden considers a $100 billion funding request, including aid to Israel and Ukraine.
  • Lebanese Airlines to Turkey: Middle East Airlines transfers part of its fleet to Turkey amid conflict concerns.
  • MSF Blames Israel: Doctors Without Borders blames Israel for the hospital bombing.
  • Macron’s Shift: French President Macron condemns the hospital bombing, signaling a shift in France’s stance.
  • Iran’s Response: Iran’s leader vows a harsh response to the hospital bombing.
  • Israel Prepares for Hezbollah Attack: Israeli forces prepare for a potential strong attack from Hezbollah.
  • US General Visits Israel: US General Michael Kurilla visits Israel to assess military needs.
  • UN Warns of Gaza Crisis: UN reports a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, mobilizing aid efforts.

October 18th:

  • US Ambassador on Gaza Crisis: US Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield addresses the UN, emphasizing humanitarian aid needs in Gaza.
  • Biden Addresses the Nation: Biden addresses the nation on the conflicts with Hamas and Ukraine.
  • Israel Strikes Syria and Lebanon: Israel targets Hezbollah in Syria and Lebanon.
  • Netanyahu’s Remarks: Netanyahu reveals promises of major military aid from the US.
  • US Sanctions Linked to Hamas: US sanctions individuals linked to Hamas in Gaza, Sudan, Turkey, Algeria, and Qatar.
  • Israel’s Defense Chief’s Message: Israel’s Defense Force Chief urges preparation for potential expansion of conflict.
  • Islamic Jihad’s Response: Islamic Jihad calls the hospital bombing a genocide by Israel.
  • Biden’s Strong Stance: Biden emphasizes US support for Israel, condemns violence, and pledges aid.
  • US Intercept Drones in Iraq: US intercepts drones targeting Al-Asad Air Base in Iraq.
  • UN Investigates Hospital Bombing: UN announces an investigation into the Gaza hospital bombing.
  • Israeli Airstrike on Soleimani Monument: Israel strikes a monument of Qasem Soleimani near Lebanon’s border.
  • Turkish President Condemns Israel: Erdogan condemns Israel for the hospital bombing, calling it a crime against humanity.
  • US Denies Israeli Responsibility: White House denies Israel’s responsibility for the hospital explosion.
  • Aid Agreement for Gaza: Sisi and Biden agree on sustainable aid delivery to Gaza through the Rafah crossing.
  • Israel Targets Soleimani Monument: Israel targets a monument of Qasem Soleimani, iconic Iranian commander.
  • Jordan’s Response: Jordan holds Israel responsible despite its denial of the hospital bombing.
  • Erdogan’s Criticism: Turkish President Erdogan criticizes the UN Security Council’s failure on the Gaza conflict.
  • US Veto at UN: The US vetoes a UN Security Council resolution on Gaza and Israel.
  • Hamas Footage Released: Additional footage of Hamas’s attack on October 7th is released.

October 19th:

  • Global Alert: The U.S. Department of State warns of increased terrorist attack risks worldwide.
  • Border Dispute: Rafah Border Crossing between Egypt and Gaza closes due to Israeli-Egyptian disagreement.
  • Military Movements: USS Carney deploys to the Middle East; German Foreign Minister emphasizes combating terrorism.
  • Political Statements: Al-Sisi and King Abdullah reject forced displacement; Moody’s considers lowering Israel’s credit rating.
  • Military Actions: IDF engages Hezbollah; Defense Minister takes responsibility for Hamas attack.
  • Regional Concerns: Iran urges Egypt to open Rafah Crossing; European Commission emphasizes dialogue.
  • Security Incidents: Head of National Security Forces in Gaza killed; explosions near U.S. military base; Captagon drug found on Hamas members.
  • International Responses: Yellen questions U.S. war funding; explosions near U.S. base; international support for Gaza.
  • Political Shifts: Saudi Prince condemns Hamas; Russia blames the U.S.; Orthodox Patriarch Church confirms Israeli airstrike.

October 20th:

  • Hostage Release: Hamas releases two American hostages for humanitarian reasons.
  • Airlines Response: Lebanese carrier relocates aircraft amidst reduced insurance coverage.
  • Media Shutdown: Israel approves foreign news channel shutdown for security reasons.
  • Intelligence Report: U.S. intelligence notes Iran’s pressure tactics through proxies.
  • Military Operations: IDF targets Hezbollah in Lebanon; warnings against Gaza ground invasion.
  • International Statements: Erdogan calls for a humanitarian ceasefire; Republican candidate questions aid to Gaza.
  • Military Developments: Anti-tank missile hits Israeli tank; CNN investigates Gaza hospital missile origin.
  • Political Reactions: Biden administration requests billions for Israel, Ukraine, and border security.
  • Diplomatic Moves: Saudi Crown Prince calls for a just solution; Russia advises against traveling to Lebanon.
  • Escalations: Hezbollah kills three Israeli soldiers; Russia advises against traveling to Lebanon; Israeli army orders evacuation of Al Quds Hospital in Gaza.

October 21st:

  • Israel cautions travel to Muslim countries, including Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.
  • Biden urges Israel not to attack Lebanon, expressing concerns about a potential U.S-Iran conflict.
  • Israel contemplates a pre-emptive strike on Hezbollah but holds off.
  • Explosion near Israeli Embassy in Cyprus reported.
  • Hezbollah warns of intervention if necessary to prevent Israel’s victory.
  • Joint Palestinian factions express concerns over regional responsibilities and commend Egyptian efforts.
  • Israeli Defense Force clarifies mistranslation of Gaza evacuation posters.
  • Israel warns Gaza residents, designating those who refuse to leave as “partners in a terrorist organization.”
  • Biden urges Israeli restraint on Hezbollah attack amid fears of a direct Iran-U.S confrontation.
  • Israeli army continues to bomb targets in South Lebanon.
  • Iranian Quds Force commander lands in Syria to monitor Israel-Syria border.
  • Aid trucks cross into Gaza from Egypt; U.S Secretary of State emphasizes the need for continued aid movement.
  • Loud explosions reported in Southern Lebanon; former U.S. Congressman discovers relatives killed in Israeli airstrike.
  • Biden speaks to U.S hostages released by Hamas.
  • CNN reporters accused of supporting genocide by Palestinians.
  • Investigation reveals Hamas member’s claim of deception by leadership.
  • Egypt condemns targeting civilians, calls for international protection for Palestinians, and urges a ceasefire.

October 22nd:

  • Biden administration urges Israel to delay ground war in Gaza.
  • Netanyahu delays ground invasion for political considerations.
  • U.S. Congress requested $106 billion funding for Israel, Ukraine, and countering China.
  • Hamas and Israeli troops clash inside Gaza for the first time.
  • UN urges protection of all civilians; Biden discusses Israel-Hamas conflict with Western leaders.
  • Israeli intelligence calls Palestinian father to convince his son to surrender.
  • U.S. Secretary of Defense strengthens force posture in the region.
  • Israel’s Economy Minister warns of wiping Iran and Hezbollah if they join the conflict.
  • Hamas claims the readiness for any ground intervention by Israel.
  • Second aid convoy en route to Gaza; Gaza’s humanitarian situation remains precarious.
  • Hezbollah reportedly will not join the war unless faced with extensive destruction.
  • Netanyahu warns Hezbollah of a devastating response if they enter the war.
  • Israeli army asks 25 hospitals in Gaza to be evacuated.
  • Gaza Ministry of Health warns of a potential health disaster if fuel runs out in hospitals.
  • Iran warns of severe consequences for Israel if offenses against Gaza civilians persist.
  • U.S. Air Force transfers B-1B Lancer bombers to the UK.
  • Web Summit CEO resigns over comments on Israel ‘war crimes.’
  • Israeli reservist soldier confronts Netanyahu at a military base in Gaza.
  • Blinken expects escalation by Iran and advises against expanding the conflict.
  • Israeli President claims Hamas is preparing ‘chemical weapons.’
  • German President condemns attacks on Jews in the protests and unrest.
  • Chinese Defense Ministry confirms six warships in the Middle East.

October 23rd:

  • White House National Security Council expresses concerns about hostage release negotiations, emphasizes safe passage for Americans and foreigners to leave Gaza, and discusses military strategy with Israel.
  • Turkish government denies reports of adjusting its relationship with Hamas.
  • Hostages released are in poor condition, and Iran is accused of seeking to escalate the conflict.
  • Red Cross set to receive 50 hostages with dual citizenship; Israeli airstrikes temporarily cease.
  • British Prime Minister condemns Hezbollah’s attack, calls for continued humanitarian aid, and supports Israel’s self-defense.
  • UNRWA warns of potential collapse of operations in Gaza without fuel supply.
  • EU foreign ministers to discuss a “humanitarian pause” in the Gaza conflict.
  • Israeli Defense Minister warns of a lethal combined attack; U.S. assures support for Israel.
  • Concerns raised about U.S. munitions running low; Israeli hostages arrive in Israel.
  • Biden expresses worry about a wider Middle East conflict; Pentagon increases readiness and deploys additional weapons.
  • Joint patrols conducted between Lebanese army and UN forces.
  • Hamas demands a reduction in Israeli airstrikes for the release of hostages.
  • New York Times retracts blame on Israel for hospital bombing; Israel accuses Hamas of lack of evidence.
  • Iranian-backed attacks on U.S. forces reported; Marine general dispatched to assist Israel.
  • Biden’s mixed messages on Gaza ceasefire; U.S. officials express concern about Israel’s goals.
  • Two more hostages released by Hamas; Qassam Brigades claim deployment of suicide drones.
  • Lebanon and Israel urged to stop missile launches; U.S. accuses Iran of facilitating attacks.
  • Israeli army conducts nighttime operation in Gaza; concerns about broader escalation of attacks.
  • Additional footage of hostage release; U.S. issues terror watchlist concerns at the border.

October 24th:

  • Israeli airstrikes reported in Syria; U.S. confirms casualties in attacks on American bases.
  • Former Mossad Director calls every hostage release opportunity dramatic.
  • Erdogan-Putin discuss Gaza conflict; Hezbollah announces death of fighters.
  • Israeli Prime Minister warns Hezbollah; French President Macron emphasizes democracy in the battle.
  • IDF appeals to Palestinians for information on hostages; U.S. prepares contingency plans for evacuations.
  • Iraq warns of regional conflict; Iran denies responsibility for Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • Saudi Embassy evacuates families; rocket attack on U.S. base; German police detain Islamist.
  • U.S. sends air defense systems to Gulf countries; Palestinian Foreign Minister criticizes Israel.
  • Biden and Saudi Prince stress the importance of peace; IDF airstrikes target Syrian military infrastructure.
  • U.S. F-16 jets arrive in the Middle East; UNRWA issues urgent plea for fuel; Hamas calls for resistance.
  • Footage of rocket launches by Hamas; messages from individuals trapped under rubble.
  • Increase in individuals on terror watchlist at the U.S. border; John Kirby avoids responding to Obama’s comments.
  • Airstrike near hospital reported; IDF accuses Hamas of stealing fuel from citizens.
  • Hamas claims to have 35,000 soldiers waiting for Israeli army entry; released hostage recounts ordeal.
  • IDF message about fuel tanks inside Gaza; Hamas statement on Israeli aggression.
  • Freed hostage shakes hands with Hamas gunman, citing good treatment.
  • Testimony of released Hamas hostage describes difficult conditions during captivity.
  • Israel accused of bombing Gaza with significant explosives; Israeli Foreign Minister presents Hamas member’s recording at the UN.

October 25th:

  • Gaza Conflict Escalation:
    • Ziv Frenkel, a 22-year-old, was killed by Hamas.
    • Hezbollah’s Nasrallah honors fallen fighters, hinting at potential involvement in the conflict.
    • Al Jazeera journalist Wael Al-Dahdouh loses family members in an airstrike.
    • Clashes on the Israeli-Lebanese border; Hezbollah targets Israeli sites.
    • Hamas condemns Israeli actions against journalists and civilians.
  • International Alerts and Reactions:
    • U.S. embassy in Kuwait limits activities due to threats from an Iraqi militia.
    • U.S. senators introduce a bill to separate Israel aid from Ukraine funding.
    • Hezbollah targets Israeli sites; tensions rise in the region.
  • Military Actions and Statements:
    • IDF reveals identity of Hamas spokesman; reports of attacks on U.S. forces.
    • French President warns against a massive ground invasion.
    • Turkish President Erdogan defends Hamas, cancels plans to visit Israel.
    • Former Israeli PM Bennett criticizes cooperation with Qatar.
    • British PM spokesman opposes a comprehensive ceasefire in Gaza.
  • Other Incidents:
    • Vandalism in London with Hitler mustaches drawn on images of children.
    • Intruder in California threatens a Jewish family, shouting “FREE PALESTINE.”

October 26th:

  • Continued Conflicts:
    • Bombing targets U.S. forces in Iraq; Iran-backed group declares readiness for a long war.
    • Telegram blocks Hamas channels; reports of Israeli forces’ actions near Gaza.
  • International Responses and Developments:
    • UK government temporarily withdraws staff from the embassy in Baghdad.
    • Queen of Jordan criticizes the double standard in the Israel-Gaza conflict.
  • Statements and Military Exercises:
    • Biden cautious on Gaza war; GOP senators introduce bill on Israel aid.
    • Hamas officials hint at ongoing negotiations for a possible ceasefire.
    • IDF conducts a massive ground operation in the West Bank.
  • Other Events:
    • Reports of a doxxing truck targeting anti-Israel student leaders at Harvard.
    • IDF kills a leader involved in the Oct 7th Hamas attack.

October 27th:

  • Attacks on American Bases: Multiple reports of attacks on U.S. bases, including a huge explosion at Al-Omar field base in Syria and missile strikes on Tanf base.
  • Gaza Crisis: UN confirms Gaza casualties, Hamas calls for international intervention, and the Israeli ground incursion begins with a rolling start in Gaza.
  • US Airstrikes: John Kirby acknowledges U.S. airstrikes in self-defense against Iranian-backed proxy groups in Iraq and Syria.
  • Regional Tensions: Iranian Foreign Minister warns of the possibility of war expansion if Israeli actions persist.
  • Lebanon on High Alert: Beirut Airport issues evacuation guidelines amid regional tensions.
  • Protests: Solidarity protests in West Bank and Arab capitals denounce Israeli actions.
  • Ceasefire Talks Stall: Negotiations show progress, but talks halt as Israel announces a new offensive.

October 28th:

  • Hamas Rocket in Israel: Footage shows a Hamas rocket landing in Kiryat Ono, Israel.
  • Civil Mobilization: Calls for comprehensive strikes and general mobilization in Ramallah in support of Gaza.
  • Hezbollah and Hamas Statements: Hezbollah claims an attack on Zarit barracks, while Hamas predicts a greater defeat for Israel.
  • Humanitarian Concerns: UNICEF warns over 1 million children in danger in Gaza, and Civil Defense reports extensive destruction.
  • Israeli Operations: IDF Chief announces ground operations in Gaza, while Israeli forces intensify airstrikes.
  • International Reactions: Turkey defends Hamas, Israel considers cutting ties, and Saudi condemns Israeli ground operations.
  • Media and Internet Restrictions: Israel cuts ties with Starlink, arrests for pro-terror posts, and restrictions on journalists in Gaza.
  • Worldwide Protests: Protests in London, IDF strikes in Lebanon, and a Russian warning on Gaza’s potential destruction.
  • Military Developments: Israeli forces enter northern Gaza, clashes with Hezbollah, and continued bombardment in Gaza.
  • Diplomatic Tensions: Israel considers cutting ties with Turkey, and Russia seeks the release of Russian hostages.
  • UN Ceasefire Resolution: UN General Assembly adopts a resolution for an immediate ceasefire, with overwhelming support.

October 29th:

  • Hezbollah leader Nasrallah to speak on Nov 3, first speech since war.
  • Israeli Air Force intercepts missiles from Yemen towards Eilat.
  • Artillery fires near Kfar Shuba, Lebanon.
  • Over 10 rockets launched from Lebanon to Israel.
  • IDF intercepts ballistic missile over the Red Sea.
  • Protests at Russian airport, seeking Israelis.
  • Drone attack at al-Shaddadi Base in Syria.
  • Calls to suspend Sara Netanyahu’s Chief of Staff.
  • Evacuation requested for 400 families in Russia.
  • Ongoing riots at Makhachkala airport in Dagestan.
  • US-Israel call announced by National Security Advisor.
  • Israel confronts Russia on hosting Hamas members.
  • Islamic Resistance claims attack on Miskaf General site.
  • Missile strike in Kiryat Shmona, Israel.
  • Israel toughens penalties for unlawful Palestinian residences.
  • US convinces Israel to restore internet in Gaza.
  • Rioters removed, Dagestan airport closed till Nov 6.
  • Hamas accuses Israel of genocide in Gaza.
  • Israeli forces eliminate positions on Lebanese border.
  • Al-Quds Brigades claim missile launch at Tel Aviv.
  • Protests at Russian airport lead to closure.
  • Pope Francis calls for Israel-Hamas ceasefire.
  • Airstrikes near Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza City.
  • Netanyahu apologizes for blaming security establishment.
  • Turkey’s Erdogan accuses Israel of war crimes.
  • Hamas leader Haniyeh calls Gaza bombing a new Holocaust.
  • Protests in Tehran over death of Armita Geravand.
  • Passenger plane from Tel Aviv trapped in Dagestan.
  • Spain’s minister calls for ICC to prosecute Netanyahu.
  • Israel boosts humanitarian aid to Gaza from Egypt.
  • Jordan seeks US Patriot defense system.
  • US Marine Corps moves towards the Middle East.
  • Hamas applauds global solidarity against Israeli aggression.

October 30th:

  • Moscow accuses Ukraine in Dagestan airport attack.
  • Netanyahu responds to Hamas hostage video, condemns propaganda.
  • Iranian Foreign Ministry warns against supporting tension.
  • Matthew Perry found dead, struggled with finding lasting love.
  • Qatar-led hostage negotiations near breakthrough.
  • Iran continues efforts to release hostages.
  • Former Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander shares insights.
  • Lebanon’s General Intelligence Chief discusses Gaza developments.
  • Lebanese PM urges peace, warns against war with Israel.
  • US State Department comments on West Bank and Gaza.
  • Biden administration prepares for escalating conflict.
  • Russia reports downing Ukrainian missiles targeting Crimea.
  • Hunter Biden’s $250,000 Chinese loan triggers investigations.
  • US plans to evacuate non-essential embassy personnel in Lebanon.
  • Iran’s delegate to UN warns of decisive response to threats.
  • Russia hacks US department agencies’ emails.
  • Pressure on the West to leave Iraq, calls for withdrawal.
  • Hamas calls on UN about hospital attacks in Gaza.
  • Al-Turki Hospital in Gaza faces threat from bombings.
  • Israel’s underground hospital in Haifa highlighted.
  • Netanyahu could face war crime charges.
  • More than 25 Israeli raids in the vicinity of Al-Quds Hospital, Gaza.
  • White House prepares for escalating conflict.
  • Hezbollah releases promotional video, announces readiness.
  • Israeli forces block key Gaza north-to-south road.
  • British Minister of Education explains UN vote against ceasefire.
  • Medical sources report over 8,000 Palestinian deaths in Gaza.
  • Chief Rabbi suggests instilling terror in hearts of Gazans.
  • Israeli strike hits Gaza’s sole cancer treatment hospital.
  • Saudi Arabia’s military on high alert amid clashes with Houthis.
  • Footage released showing Hamas destroying car with rocket launcher.
  • Israeli prisoners held by Hamas send message to Netanyahu.

October 31st:

  • Netanyahu’s Senior Advisor’s Statement:
    • Israel aims to eliminate Hamas but has no intention of staying in Gaza longer than necessary.
  • Missile Intercepted by Israeli Defense System:
    • Israeli Arrow 3 defense system intercepts a missile from the Red Sea region with precision.
    • Jointly developed by Israel and the U.S., Arrow 3 is designed to intercept various ballistic missiles.
  • Yemeni Armed Forces Operation:
    • Yemen’s armed forces, Houthis, launch a significant operation against Israeli positions, involving missiles, drones, and more.
  • Hamas Statement on Israeli Advances into Gaza:
    • Hamas spokesperson reports Israeli ground advances in Gaza but claims no military achievements for Israel.
  • Gaza Invasion Updates:
    • Intense clashes, airstrikes, and tank advancements reported in various Gaza locations.
    • Hezbollah claims successful actions against Israeli forces.
    • Ongoing battles, casualties, and destruction in Gaza.
  • Rafah Crossing and Humanitarian Concerns:
    • Rafah Crossing to open for wounded Palestinians and foreigners leaving Gaza.
    • U.S. emphasizes the need for a ceasefire for humanitarian purposes.
  • Hamas Hostage Release Plans:
    • Hamas plans to release hostages with foreign citizenship.
    • The U.S. supports Israel, discussing the future of Gaza post-Hamas control.
  • Global Reactions and Anti-Semitism:
    • Increased anti-Semitic incidents reported in U.S. universities.
    • International leaders criticize Israel’s actions, including Putin accusing Israel of collective punishment.
  • Political Developments:
    • War Cabinet meeting in Israel to assess Gaza operations.
    • Hezbollah hints at significant announcements.
  • Other Events:
    • Terrorism threat escalates globally, especially linked to the Middle East conflict.
    • Bolivia cuts diplomatic ties with Israel.
    • Iran warns of Israel’s potential annihilation.

November 1st:

  • Gaza Invasion Threats:
    • Egyptian security reports 320 foreign passport holders crossing from Gaza.
    • IDF warns of imminent invasion, distributes leaflets urging surrender.
    • Al-Qassam Brigade claims ongoing clashes, reports Israeli tank difficulties.
  • Regional Involvement:
    • Hezbollah issues statement supporting Al-Aqsa, warns of victory.
    • American Special Forces in Israel for hostage assistance.
    • Yemen’s Houthis declare war on Israel, release videos of attacks.
    • Iran warns of a “surprise move” and criticizes Israel’s bombing.
  • Diplomatic Developments:
    • Lebanon PM warns of war spillover.
    • Biden threatens to veto Israel-only aid bill.
    • Rising anti-Semitism concerns in U.S. colleges.
  • Military Actions and Statements:
    • IDF Chief of Staff addresses troops, emphasizes the heavy price of war.
    • Jewish cemetery vandalized in Vienna.
    • Iran condemns Jabalia camp massacre as a war crime.
    • IDF footage of Gaza operations, intense fighting reported.
    • UN Secretary-General horrified over civilian casualties, WHO laments aid delivery issues.
    • Biden speculates Netanyahu’s uncertain position.
    • U.S. and China engage in nuclear arms control talks.
  • Hezbollah’s Involvement:
    • Hezbollah confirms involvement in Gaza conflict, pledges support.
    • Thousands of fighters reportedly join Hezbollah in Lebanon.
    • Hezbollah releases teasers before highly anticipated speech.
    • Hezbollah premiers explosive drones, Syria to supply missile defense.
  • International Reactions:
    • House passes $14.3 billion Israel supplemental.
    • Senator Rubio warns against anti-Semitism, proposes legislation.
    • U.S. Senator Chris Murphy urges Israel to reconsider its approach.
    • Nikki Haley opposes ceasefire, calls for the elimination of Hamas.
    • Increased military aircraft activity reported.
  • Military Developments:
    • IDF cuts off last route to southern Gaza, encircling the city.
    • Palestinian reporter killed, Hamas messages families of Israeli prisoners.
    • Senator Durbin calls for a ceasefire.
    • Hamas footage shows clashes with Israeli vehicles.

November 2nd:

  • Iraq’s Preparations:
    • Leaked document reveals Iraq preparing for a potential regional war.
  • Islamic Resistance in Iraq Threats:
    • Islamic Resistance in Iraq threatens to escalate attacks on the U.S.
    • Pentagon responds to Wagner Hezbollah claims.
  • Hezbollah’s Actions:
    • Russia’s Wagner group offers air support to Hezbollah.
    • Netanyahu considers a temporary truce.
    • Hezbollah advances with more firepower, releases posters mourning deaths.
    • Iran’s Supreme Leader criticizes Israel’s actions.
    • Iraqi Iranian proxy directly attacks Israel with a drone.
  • Other Developments:
    • Lebanon border clashes continue, schools close for security.
    • Hamas offers a prisoner exchange to Israel.
    • Senator Marco Rubio warns against anti-Semitism and Hezbollah.
    • Hezbollah releases final teaser before speech.
    • House passes GOP’s $14.3 billion Israel supplemental.
    • Senator Chris Murphy urges Israel to reconsider its approach.
    • Nikki Haley opposes ceasefire, calls for the elimination of Hamas.
    • Increased military aircraft activity reported.
    • IDF successfully cuts off the last route to southern Gaza.
    • Palestinian reporter killed, Hamas messages families of Israeli prisoners.
    • Senator Dick Durbin calls for a ceasefire.
    • Hamas footage shows clashes with Israeli vehicles.
    • VP Kamala Harris says there will be no conditionality for the additional military aid that the US will provide to Israel.
  • Iraq’s Attack on Israel:
    • Islamic Resistance in Iraq shoots Israeli targets in the Dead Sea.

November 3rd:

  • Kamala Harris advocates for equal measures in Palestine.
  • Hamas destroys Israeli tanks with RPG.
  • IDF strikes Hamas sites in Gaza.
  • Hezbollah leader Nasrallah praises Gaza’s resistance.
  • Nasrallah asserts Hamas led Oct 7 attack, emphasizes Palestinian ownership and secrecy.
  • British and Iranian foreign ministers discuss regional developments.
  • Israel rejects ceasefire, insists on hostages’ release.
  • Casualties reported in Gaza school attack.
  • U.S. naval carriers conduct exercises in the Mediterranean.
  • Iraq claims responsibility for suicide drone attack.
  • Netanyahu addresses IDF soldiers, framing the conflict against Hamas as part of historical struggle.
  • Israeli forces approach Gaza City.
  • U.S. Secretary of State Blinken urges a pause in airstrikes for mediation.
  • IDF attacks in designated ‘safe areas.’
  • Iranian President blames the U.S. and Israel for Oct 7.
  • Iranian Foreign Minister accuses the U.S. of contributing to war and genocide in Gaza.
  • Israeli Foreign Ministry denies ceasefire talks.
  • Hezbollah leader’s speech raises fears of conflict escalation.
  • French senators propose criminalizing anti-Zionism.
  • Hamas condemns Israeli attacks on hospitals.
  • Irish Taoiseach criticizes Israel’s actions.
  • U.S. base struck in Syria.
  • UNICEF calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.
  • Republican Rep. Zinke introduces bill potentially banning Palestinians from entering the U.S.
  • Canadian Foreign Minister Joly confronted over Gaza support.

November 4th:

  • Israeli Defense Minister Gallant expresses concerns about potential consequences if Hezbollah’s leader Nasrallah makes a mistake.
  • Kataib Hezbollah warns of escalation if U.S. Secretary Blinken visits Baghdad.
  • Explosions reported in Northwestern Saudi Arabia; intercepted missile near Jordanian border.
  • First use of Hezbollah’s “Burkan” rocket, created by Hezbollah with a range of 500-2000 meters and a powerful explosive warhead.
  • Hezbollah officially claims missile attacks on Israeli army sites, causing direct hits and destroying equipment.
  • Israeli Defense Minister Gallant declares there will be no Hamas in Gaza after the war.
  • Netanyahu’s senior advisor justifies targeting hospitals and schools if used for military purposes by Hamas.
  • U.S. and EU explore peace talks for Ukraine-Russia conflict.
  • Arab American voters in Michigan feel let down by Biden’s support for Israel, impacting his approval rating.
  • Biden announces progress in reaching a humanitarian truce in the Israel-Hamas war.
  • Secretary of State Blinken to meet Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Nov 5th.
  • U.S. Special Envoy states that Hamas is not interfering with aid shipments to Gaza.
  • Netanyahu warns Hezbollah of severe consequences for any attack on Israel.
  • U.S. advises citizens in Lebanon to leave due to unpredictable security situation.
  • Official Hamas statement claims destruction of 24 Israeli military vehicles with anti-armor guided missiles.
  • Hamas representative in Lebanon states that Hamas leader Haniyeh recently met with Iran’s leader in Tehran.
  • Turkish President Erdogan holds Israel accountable for Gaza attacks and recalls ambassador.
  • Pro-Palestine protesters clash with patriotic demonstrators in London.
  • EU diplomats reach out to Hezbollah after Nasrallah’s speech.
  • Ukraine’s President Zelensky says the Gaza conflict is diverting attention from the Russia-Ukraine war.
  • Photojournalist recounts trying to rescue a girl trapped under rubble in Gaza.
  • Gaza accuses Israel of trying to destroy life in northern Gaza by bombing solar panels.
  • Pro-Palestine activists attempt to block a U.S. military ship bound for Israel.
  • Hamas RPG hits an Israeli tank with minimal impact.
  • Hezbollah uses a large “Burkan” missile for the first time in the war.
  • Israeli airstrikes continue in the Lebanese town of Kfar Shuba.
  • Israeli aircraft conduct intense raids on multiple areas in Gaza.
  • Fuel shortage imminent in Gaza; US plans to bring in more fuel for south Gaza.
  • Hamburg Airport closed due to an armed individual holding hostages.
  • Rep. Rashida Tlaib accuses Biden of supporting the “genocide of the Palestinian people.”

November 5th:

  • Alleged footage: Hamas gunmen open fire at Israeli forces from the hospital.
  • Israel strikes civilian vehicle near Lebanese border after Hezbollah warning.
  • Israeli warning urges residents near the border to leave or seek shelters.
  • “Pro Asyl” Association urges Germany to admit Afghan refugees from Pakistan.
  • Secretary Anthony Blinken visits Iraq, emphasizing conflict prevention and humanitarian assistance.
  • Internet services cut off again in Gaza Strip.
  • U.S. shoots down drone near Syrian base.
  • Leaders of Iran and Hamas meet in Tehran.
  • Israel proposes relocating Gaza residents to Egypt; major countries reject the proposal.
  • Pre-K teacher in Manhattan accused of promoting anti-Israel views.
  • Jordan airdrops aid to Gaza.
  • Israel accuses Hamas of war crimes.
  • Syrian Foreign Ministry reacts to allegations of unauthorized weapon possession by Israel.
  • Hezbollah issues official statement responding to civilian deaths and launches an attack.
  • Iraqi Islamic Resistance reportedly attacks Tal Bidr al-Hasakah base.
  • Netanyahu tweets about Hamas starting a war.
  • Putin’s spokesperson alleges widespread corruption in Ukraine.
  • Hamas issues statement condemning an Israeli politician’s comments on using nuclear weapons in Gaza.
  • Iran’s defense minister warns of consequences if the U.S. does not implement a ceasefire in Gaza.
  • Footage shows Hamas firing an RPG in Sderot.
  • Iraqi Islamic resistance claims an attack on Ain al-Asad.
  • Footage: Hamas fires missiles in response to Israeli actions.
  • Recorded call suggests Hamas prevents civilians’ evacuation from Gaza.
  • Hamburg Airport incident concludes with attacker surrendering.
  • Israeli soldier claims ownership of Gaza, Lebanon, and expanded territories.
  • Footage reveals U.S. poll results with 76% believing the country is headed in the wrong direction.
  • Israel strikes civilian vehicle near Lebanese border after Hezbollah warning.
  • Hezbollah confirms 61 deaths.
  • Turkish police disperse pro-Palestinian protesters near İncirlik Air Base.
  • Unprecedented Israeli raids target Gaza City after cutting off communications.

November 6th:

  • IDF shuts down Hamas-linked printing houses in Hebron, Gaza.
  • Israeli Ministry of Health opposes distribution of disturbing footage from October 7th.
  • Official statement by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq reports attacks on American bases.
  • Humanitarian passage opened in divided Gaza Strip.
  • Misleading claims about Turkish Navy warships near Gaza debunked.
  • Misleading claim regarding video of Hamas activity debunked.
  • Official statement by the Houthi Yemeni Armed Forces regarding drone attacks on Israeli targets.
  • Israel announces names of senior Hamas officials responsible for operations outside Gaza.
  • Official Hamas statement reports destruction of military vehicles and engagement with enemy forces.
  • Concerns raised about BBC’s handling of anti-Semitic incident reporting.
  • IDF approaches Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City amid a humanitarian evacuation path.
  • Jordan warns Israeli displacement of Palestinians equals a declaration of war.
  • IDF destroys Hamas rockets hidden in a mosque.
  • Former UK Ambassador suggests Hezbollah leader’s rhetoric indicates no immediate escalation.
  • Hamas welcomes South Africa’s decision to recall its ambassador to Israel.
  • Biden’s Deputy NSA advises Democrats against bipartisan aid legislation for Israel.
  • Hezbollah targets an Israeli army vehicle on the Lebanese-Palestinian border.
  • U.S. deploys over 17,200 military personnel to the Middle East.
  • Netanyahu declares, “Our war is your war” to the West.
  • IDF conducts nightly supply operations into Gaza.
  • Yedioth newspaper posts a video of Gaza with a sarcastic comment about the beach closure.
  • Hamas footage shows Al-Qassam Brigades countering Israeli forces in Khan Yunis.
  • False claim about Putin announcing Russian support for Palestine debunked.
  • Biden approves a $320 million weapon transfer to Israel.
  • Rockets fired from Lebanon at Northern Israel prompt IDF artillery shelling.
  • Arab media accuses Israel of using “bunker buster” bombs.
  • UN Secretary-General expresses deep concern about the escalating situation in Gaza.
  • Footage shows IDF destroying an alleged Hamas base.
  • Israel seeks to bring in 50,000-100,000 Indian workers for jobs formerly held by Palestinians.
  • Hospitals in Gaza face shutdown due to fuel shortages.
  • Demonstrators flood the streets of Islamabad, Pakistan, in support of the Palestinian people.
  • Israel shoots down a ballistic missile launched by the Iran-backed Houthis from Yemen.
  • Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi is arrested in the West Bank.

November 7th:

  • Netanyahu’s advisor suggests Israeli security in Gaza post-Hamas defeat.
  • Israeli warplanes fly over Beirut; airstrikes near Lebanese army field.
  • Unconfirmed Palestinian President assassination attempt; denial by Palestinian Authority.
  • Hamas accuses Israel of cutting water supplies; UNRWA reports 70% of Gaza displaced.
  • Israeli airstrikes on hospitals in Gaza; Hezbollah hints at escalating war.
  • Islamic Resistance in Iraq launches drone attacks on U.S. bases.
  • Details of October 7th attack planning revealed.
  • IDF destroys tunnels near amusement park and university; suspends participation in CFE Treaty.
  • Secret meeting in Geneva to discuss post-Hamas scenarios.
  • Israel Defense Minister outlines objectives; reports of 40 attacks on U.S. forces.
  • Hezbollah’s second-in-command suggests intensified conflict with Israel.
  • Hamas spokesman criticizes Israel and U.S.; Senator Lindsey Graham hints at Gaza destruction.
  • Houthis unleash drone assault on Israeli targets; misleading video circulates about riots in D.C.
  • Comments by Hamas leader Osama Hamdan.

November 8th:

  • Houthi forces claim to shoot down American drone in Yemen.
  • UN High Commissioner accuses Israel and Hamas of war crimes.
  • U.S. disagrees with Netanyahu’s plan; U.S. airstrikes in eastern Syria.
  • G7 calls on Iran to drop support for Hamas and Hezbollah.
  • Israeli troops approach Shifa Hospital in Gaza; false claim of white phosphorus use debunked.
  • Major IDF developments revealed; former Israeli PM criticizes Netanyahu.
  • Over 130 Palestinian children reported dead in Gaza.
  • Footage released from Gaza showing IDF-Hamas clashes.
  • Clashes Erupt at a Demonstration Between Anti-Israel and Pro-Jewish Group in Los Angeles.
  • 20 Year Old Israeli Cop from Georgia, US Stabbed to Death by Teenager in Jerusalem.

November 9th:

  • Israeli Tanks Enter Central Gaza City: Israeli tanks entered Central Gaza City near the seaport, specifically Al Nasr Street, for the first time.
  • Hamas Calls for Mass Mobilization in the West Bank: Hamas issued a statement calling for mass mobilization in the West Bank, urging people to bear arms and lift the siege on the Jenin camp.
  • Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Calls for Expanded Resistance: The Popular Front called for expanded resistance and continued mobilizations in the West Bank, praising a recent shooting operation near the Itamar settlement.
  • Netanyahu Spokesman Urges Government Reconvene: A spokesman for Netanyahu urged the government to reconvene and invoke emergency regulations in exceptional cases.
  • Hospitals Struck in Gaza: Eight hospitals in Gaza were reportedly struck over the past three days.
  • Netanyahu Criticizes US Representative Rashida Tlaib: Netanyahu commented on a statement by Rashida Tlaib, criticizing her rhetoric about the Israel-Hamas war.
  • Hamas Reports Attacks on Hospitals: Hamas reported attacks on hospitals in Gaza, including the Indonesian Hospital, condemning the international community for not intervening.
  • Israeli Aircrafts Drop Leaflets Over Jenin Camp Homes: Leaflets were dropped over homes in the Jenin camp warning residents about the IDF’s activities and urging them to stay away from terrorism.
  • Israel Extends Daily Ceasefire: Israel extended its daily humanitarian ceasefire from 4 to 6 hours, allowing Gaza residents to relocate amid the ongoing conflict.
  • IDF Conducts Operation in Jenin Refugee Camp: The IDF conducted an operation in Jenin refugee camp, uncovering and destroying improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
  • Israel Accuses Journalists of Being “In the Service of Hamas”: Israel accused journalists, including from Reuters, AP, CNN, and NYT, of being complicit in crimes against humanity committed by Hamas.
  • Retired Lebanese General Calls for International Action Against Hezbollah: A retired Lebanese general called for international action against Hezbollah.
  • Likely Drone Launched From Yemen Lands in Israel: There was uncertainty regarding the launch of a drone from Yemen towards Israel.
  • Israeli Troops Discover Hamas Drone Manufacturing Plant and Weapons Depot: Israeli troops discovered a Hamas drone manufacturing plant and weapons depot in a residential area.
  • US Senator Fetterman Waves Israeli Flag Amidst Protesters Arrests: Footage showed US Senator Fetterman waving an Israeli flag amidst protesters’ arrests.
  • US Supplied Israel with High Tech Silent Missile: The US supplied Israel with the HELLFIRE R9X missile, which has no warhead but six sharp blades.
  • 46% of Democrats Disapprove Biden’s Handling of the War: A reported 46% of Democrats disapproved of Biden’s handling of the war.

November 10th:

  • Macron Criticizes Civilian Deaths in Gaza: Macron criticized civilian deaths in Gaza, calling for Israel to stop.
  • Director of Gaza’s Largest Hospital Warned of Impending IDF Attack: The director of Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza was reportedly warned of an imminent IDF attack.
  • Israeli Army Works with Bird Experts to Locate Missing October 7 Victims: The Israeli army partnered with bird experts to locate bodies of victims still missing since October 7.
  • Reports of Granddaughter of Hamas Leader Killed in Airstrike: There were reports of the granddaughter of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh being killed in an airstrike.
  • IDF Unveils Alleged Evidence of Hamas Using Medical Facilities: The IDF claimed to have visual evidence of Hamas using medical facilities as their main base for planning operations and sheltering fighters.
  • French President Macron Condemns Israel’s Bombing of Civilians: Macron adjusted his stance, condemning Israel’s bombing of civilians.
  • Electricity, Water, and Communications Cut Off from Indonesian Hospital: Services were cut off from the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza.
  • Musk Analyzes Israel-Hamas Conflict: Elon Musk analyzed the conflict, suggesting Hamas provoked an aggressive response from Israel.
  • Imagine These Numbers: Statistics were provided, detailing the extensive damage in Gaza over one month.
  • Footage of Palestinian Man Blaming Hamas: A Palestinian man blamed Hamas, stating they were in tunnels or abroad while civilians suffered.
  • Hezbollah Statement on Missile Bursts: Hezbollah claimed responsibility for missile bursts targeting Israeli cities and military sites.
  • IDF Advances as Iran Warns “Israel Will Definitely Collapse”: The IDF made progress on the ground despite Iran’s warning of Israel’s collapse.
  • Footage of Intense Bombing Near Indonesian Hospital: Footage showed intense bombing near the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza.
  • IDF Seizes 11 Hamas Outposts, Conducts Overnight Operations in Gaza: The IDF seized Hamas outposts and conducted overnight operations in Gaza.
  • Israel Accuses Hamas Gunman in Hospital: Israel claimed a video proved a Hamas gunman inside Gaza’s Indonesian hospital after a blast.

November 11th:

  • Gaza’s largest hospital, Al-Shifa, falls under Israeli military presence.
  • Al-Shifa surrounded, facing shortages, and Israeli snipers reportedly present.
  • Arab leaders meet in Riyadh with varying stances on Israel.
  • Tragic events at Al-Shifa result in child deaths due to oxygen shortage.
  • Macron expresses concern over Gaza, calls for addressing humanitarian conditions.
  • Confusion over cross-border incident between Israel and Lebanon.
  • Hezbollah deploys large missile; Israeli airstrikes follow.
  • Hamas claims Israeli presence at Al-Shifa; IDF denies damage to the hospital.
  • Israel strikes Lebanese territory beyond rules of engagement.
  • Israeli tanks surround Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital; clashes reported.
  • Reports of a drone in Kabri, Israel.
  • Israeli Defense Minister warns of potential war in Lebanon.
  • Israeli Minister Gantz emphasizes unity and moral fight.
  • Gantz slams Iran and Syria, refuses moral lessons from their leaders.
  • Israel denies damage to Al-Shifa Hospital, ongoing communication with managers.
  • Israeli tanks near Al-Quds Hospital; uncertainty over Hamas tunnels.
  • Iran and Saudi leaders meet for the first time in over a decade.
  • Hints of a possible hostage deal emerge, but no ceasefire.
  • Netanyahu outlines goals, rejects Gaza settlement, and emphasizes demilitarization.
  • Hezbollah leader speaks on war, criticizes Israeli actions, and praises resistance.
  • Netanyahu vows to fight in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and the Red Sea.
  • UCLA students seen beating a piñata with photos of Netanyahu and Biden.

November 12th:

  • Al-Shifa Medical Complex denies Ministry of Health claim that all ICU patients died.
  • Conflicting reports on fuel delivery to Al-Shifa Hospital; Hamas accused of preventing fuel entry.
  • Former British PM Tony Blair rumored to be appointed humanitarian coordinator for Gaza.
  • Israeli raid destroys Cardiology Department at Al-Shifa Hospital.
  • Escalation between Hezbollah and IDF; rocket attacks, casualties reported.
  • Israeli National Security Minister advocates full occupation of Gaza.
  • U.S. conducts precision strikes on Iranian-backed groups in Syria.
  • UN Development Programme Office bombed in Gaza.
  • WHO calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

November 13th:

  • Initial claim of 39 children and 4 ICU patients dying at Al-Shifa debunked.
  • Netanyahu vows Hezbollah won’t be a threat after the war.
  • EU condemns use of hospitals as “human shields” in Gaza.
  • Health sector in Gaza reported to be collapsing, hospitals out of service.
  • Iran’s IRGC suggests the war has expanded, Lebanon involved.
  • Reports on Israeli Knesset discussing the overthrow of Netanyahu.
  • Israeli claim of Hamas guide to rape women debunked.
  • Biden administration concerned Israel may provoke Hezbollah for a broader war.
  • Poland considers tank build-up on Belarus border, Kremlin cautions against escalation.
  • Heightened security ahead of pro-Israel demonstration.
  • Israel reveals alleged Hamas paperwork with sexual terminology.
  • Jordan warns displacing Palestinians toward Jordan will be seen as a declaration of war.
  • Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital faces oxygen shortage; dire conditions reported.
  • Lebanon edges closer to war; increased hostilities reported.
  • IDF alleges tunnels and weapons below hospital; releases footage.
  • Retired Israeli general says war with Hezbollah is already ongoing.
  • Official statement from Hamas denies using hospitals as human shields.
  • Two Hamas leaders eliminated by IDF.
  • American toddler held hostage by Hamas; ongoing negotiations for release.
  • Jordan will not take Palestinian refugees; warns of a declaration of war.
  • Al-Aqsa Hospital in Gaza faces catastrophic conditions.
  • IDF engages Hamas at Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza City.
  • Israel ready for Hezbollah war; security apparatus claims readiness.
  • Journalists reporting on a strike hit again live on TV.
  • Israel finds alleged Hamas headquarters and weapons in Gaza hospital.
  • U.S. confirms Hamas command center under hospital.

Note: The information presented in the timeline is extremely complex and includes several unverified claims and debunked reports manually sifted through. Apologies for any errors if any.

The user’s timeline contains a variety of events related to the conflict in the Middle East. Here’s a summarized version for clarity:

November 14th:

  • Unconfirmed reports of Houthi missiles from Yemen hitting targets in the port of Eilat, Israel, circulated on a Telegram channel affiliated with Iran’s IRGC, deemed not credible.
  • Misleading video surfaces, falsely claiming a pro-Palestinian protest in Madrid, actually from 2017 protests against Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.
  • Possibility of a hostage swap in Gaza, with President Biden expressing optimism.
  • The U.S. renews a $10 billion waiver for Iraq to pay Iran for electricity, emphasizing it should be used for humanitarian trade.
  • White House confirms tunnels under Gaza hospitals, labeling it a war crime, while IDF considers storming Al-Shifa hospital.
  • Netanyahu urges a strategic move against Hezbollah, emphasizing defeating Hamas as a crucial first step.
  • Yemeni Houthi leader criticizes Arab inaction on Gaza and reports missile operations against Israel.
  • Former Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi accuses the U.S. of involvement in Gaza massacre.
  • IDF intercepts a surface-to-surface missile likely from Yemen using the “Arrow” system.
  • Israel deploys controversial spyware in the war to track kidnappings and murders.
  • Israeli officials propose international resettlement for Gaza, facing criticism.
  • IDF updates on Al-Quds hospital and Netanyahu urges urgent meeting amid escalating war with Hezbollah.
  • Israeli airstrikes on Qatari Gaza headquarters draw condemnation from Arab and Islamic countries.
  • British MP Jeremy Corbyn avoids labeling Hamas a terrorist group.
  • Houthi leader plans attacks on Israeli ships, criticizing American threats.
  • IDF coordinates transfer of incubators from an Israeli hospital to Shifa Hospital in Gaza for humanitarian aid.
  • IDF captures several Hamas government buildings, including the parliament and police headquarters.
  • Details of October 7th attacks reveal a larger plan, with waves of fighters targeting West Bank.
  • Israeli Minister criticizes humanitarian aid to Gaza amidst ongoing hostilities.
  • Yemeni Houthis launch ballistic missiles at Israeli targets, threatening attacks on Israeli ships.
  • Exclusive IDF insight reveals Hamas Command and Control Center relocated beneath Al Shifa Hospital.
  • Al-Shifa Hospital battle breakdown, minute by minute, as IDF storms the hospital.
  • White House frustrated with Israel’s behavior, increasing civilian deaths, and failure to respond to requests.
  • Hamas releases a statement holding Israel and President Biden responsible for storming Al-Shifa Hospital.
  • Pentagon discreetly increases military aid to Israel.
  • IDF statement on Shifa Hospital raid, emphasizing targeted anti-terrorism efforts.
  • Conflicting claims on the latest updates at Shifa Hospital, with Hezbollah-allied Mayadeen TV alleging IDF misconduct and Israeli army denying allegations.

November 15th:

  • Hostage Agreement Dispute:
    • Hamas reportedly agrees to release 50 hostages for a 3-day truce; Israel hasn’t confirmed.
  • Palestine Ministry Condemns Israeli Incursion:
    • Ministry condemns Israeli army’s incursion into Al-Shifa Hospital, calls for international intervention.
  • Israel Demands More Hostages Released:
    • Israel demands a higher number of hostages released by Hamas; talks include potential releases and increased aid.
  • Palestinian President Denounces Gaza Aggression:
    • President criticizes Israeli actions, rejects displacement plans, and emphasizes Gaza’s integral role.
  • Netanyahu Responds to Erdogan:
    • Netanyahu rejects Erdogan’s criticism, referencing Turkish actions in its conflict with the Kurdish PKK.
  • IDF’s Potential Expansion in Southern Gaza:
    • Leaflets suggest potential IDF expansion in southern Gaza.
  • Contradictory Reports on Al-Shifa Hospital Fighting:
    • Conflicting reports on IDF denying or confirming fighting inside Al-Shifa Hospital.
  • Statements on Shifa Hospital Situation:
    • Statements from Al-Shifa Hospital staff, IDF, and international organizations on conditions and events.
  • Hezbollah’s Supportive Statement:
    • Hezbollah expresses support for Palestinians and claims responsibility for targeting an Israeli vehicle.
  • Controversial “March for Israel” Rally:
    • Reports indicate protesters were paid to attend a pro-Israel rally in DC, funded by pro-Israel billionaires.
  • Missile Attack on U.S. Base in Syria:
    • The Al-Omar oil field in Syria, housing a U.S. base, is attacked with missiles.
  • Iran’s Position on the Conflict:
    • Iran’s Supreme Leader conveys to Hamas that Iran won’t directly intervene but pledges political and moral support.
  • White House on Al-Shifa Hospital:
    • Acknowledges Hamas’s use of hospitals for military purposes but emphasizes Israel’s goal to eliminate weapons storage.
  • Al-Shifa Hospital Detentions:
    • Reports claim IDF detained over 200 Palestinians in Al-Shifa Hospital’s courtyard.
  • Houthi Threat to Israeli Ships:
    • Yemen’s Houthis threaten to target Israeli ships in the Red Sea.
  • Temporary Ceasefire Consideration:
    • An Israeli minister indicates a possibility of a temporary ceasefire in exchange for hostages.
  • Testimonies from Shifa Hospital:
    • BBC reports testimonies describing IDF actions in Al-Shifa Hospital.
  • Leadership Change in IDF Battalion:
    • A new commander is appointed for the 53rd Battalion in the IDF following the death of the previous commander.
  • Criticism of Weapons Discovery Claims:
    • Palestinian factions criticize Israel for not allowing UN inspection of Al-Shifa Hospital to verify claims of weapons discovery.
  • Recorded Conversation on Hospital Entry:
    • A recorded conversation suggests the IDF expressing concerns about a state of fear due to its entry into the hospital.
  • Footage of Heavy Fighting and IDF’s Tour Video:
    • Footage of heavy fighting in Al-Shifa Hospital and the IDF’s subsequent deletion of a tour video.
  • New US House Speaker’s Support for Israel:
    • New US House Speaker reaffirms support for Israel at a “March for Israel” event in Washington DC.

November 16th:

  • White House warns of a potential response if Iranian attacks continue.
  • IDF discovers Hamas tunnel at Shifa Hospital and alleges hostages were held there.
  • Israel denies involvement in a Red Sea drone attack; raids Labouneh in Lebanon.
  • UN High Commissioner urges international investigation into Gaza war violations.
  • Israeli military operations intensify in Gaza, targeting hospitals and alleged Hamas hideouts.
  • Israeli Air Force claims to have hit thousands of terrorists, releases videos of alleged Hamas tunnels.
  • Hezbollah showcases volunteers after declaring war on Israel.
  • Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza faces dire conditions and alleged Israeli attacks.
  • Israeli forces seize control of Gaza Harbor, conduct airstrikes, and report top Hamas commanders killed.
  • White House acknowledges Israel’s capability against Hamas but doubts complete elimination.
  • Anti-Defamation League CEO raises concerns about Jewish safety on campuses.
  • Hamas leader condemns alleged war crimes, calls for international monitoring of hospitals.
  • IDF bulldozes Yasser Arafat monument, detains Palestinians, and releases audio of terrorists discussing missile exchange.

November 17th:

  • IDF confirms recovery of a second Israeli hostage’s body near Al-Shifa Hospital.
  • Hamas demands Israel stop flying drones over Gaza in exchange for freeing hostages.
  • Israel warns of a possible ground operation in southern Gaza, issues leaflets urging evacuation.
  • Islamic Resistance in Iraq claims responsibility for a drone attack on a U.S. base.
  • 18 UN agencies reject IDF’s “safe zone” proposal in Gaza.
  • UN warns of imminent starvation in Gaza; Israeli Army reports over 1,750 arrests in the West Bank.
  • Palestinian health authorities report over 11,470 deaths in Gaza; Israel conducts airstrikes near Damascus.
  • Imminent prisoner deal between Israel and Hamas involving the exchange of 50 prisoners on each side.
  • Al-Shifa Hospital chief surgeon denies IDF claims, reports critical shortages and desperate conditions.
  • IDF shares photos of recovered weapons; Netanyahu affirms no intention to resign post-war.
  • BBC exposes flaws in IDF Al-Shifa video; multiple reports of rockets fired towards Tel Aviv from Lebanon.
  • IDF conducts overnight raid in Gaza, uncovers weapons cache; director of Al-Wafa Hospital killed.
  • Israel revises casualty count, admits 200 burnt bodies from Oct 7 were Hamas members.

November 18th

  • Israel Urges Khan Younis Evacuation: Israel warns Khan Younis residents of impending military operations against Hamas, suggesting relocation closer to humanitarian aid.
  • Houthi Support for Palestinians: Yemen’s Houthis express support for Palestinians, condemn Israel and the U.S., and call for mobilization against the Zionist enemy.
  • Israel’s Consideration of War on Hezbollah: Netanyahu considered a pre-emptive strike on Hezbollah but faced internal opposition due to economic risks.
  • Iranian Commander’s Statement: Iran’s commander-in-chief asserts Israel and the U.S. are isolated, hails Gaza ground war as an opportunity for Palestinian resistance.
  • Hamas Leader Accuses Israel: Hamas leader accuses Israel of massacres, starvation, and turning hospitals into military bases, blaming the U.S. for the situation.
  • IDF Denies Hospital Evacuation Order: IDF denies ordering evacuation of Shifa Hospital, citing the director’s request for safe routes.
  • Jordan Reconsiders Peace Treaty: Jordan’s parliament reviews agreements with Israel due to the Gaza War, including the 1994 peace treaty.
  • IDF Eliminates Hamas Member: IDF and Shin Bet eliminate high-ranking Hamas member in Nablus, preventing planned attacks.
  • EU Supports Palestinian Authority: The EU supports the Palestinian Authority in managing Gaza post-war.
  • Hezbollah Condemns Gaza Massacres: Hezbollah condemns Gaza massacres, criticizes the international community’s inaction, and expresses solidarity with the Palestinian people.
  • Al-Shifa Hospital Evacuation: Israeli troops order evacuation of Al-Shifa Hospital, claim it’s in search of Hamas hideouts; UN calls for an investigation.
  • CNN’s Critical Coverage: CNN takes a critical stance on Netanyahu and Israel’s actions, pointing out challenges to a two-state solution.
  • Former Intel Chief’s Claim: Former Israeli intelligence chief claims no civilians in Gaza, stating Gazans voted for Hamas.
  • Premature Babies’ Situation: Premature babies at Shifa Hospital barely escape death due to fuel shortage, taken off incubators before IDF storming.
  • Al-Qassam Brigades’ Operations: Al-Qassam Brigades report successful operations against Israeli forces, destruction of military vehicles, and ongoing resistance.
  • Ceasefire Deal Uncertainty: Reports of a tentative ceasefire and hostage release deal are denied by the US National Security Council.
  • Fuel Entry into Gaza Approved: Netanyahu approves fuel entry into Gaza to avert accusations of war crimes, highlighting humanitarian concerns.
  • Iran’s Foreign Minister’s Statements: Iran’s foreign minister comments on Hamas’s military capabilities, condemns Israeli actions, and criticizes international inaction.
  • Islamic Resistance in Iraq’s Attack: The Islamic Resistance in Iraq claims a drone attack on a U.S. occupation base in response to Gaza crimes.
  • Bahrain Crown Prince Condemns Hamas: The Crown Prince of Bahrain condemns Hamas for the October 7th attacks, describing them as barbaric and indiscriminate.
  • Biden Considers Settler Sanctions: Biden considers sanctions against Israeli settlers involved in attacks against Palestinians, emphasizes the need for a unified Gaza and West Bank.
  • IDF Helicopter Hits Festival Participants: A police investigation reveals an IDF combat helicopter hit festival participants, citing difficulty distinguishing between terrorists and civilians.

November 19th:

  • Increasing attacks by Iranian proxy groups against Israel.
  • Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs withdraws accusation against Israel, citing Israeli police investigation.
  • Truce negotiations stall; Hamas expresses willingness to release civilians in exchange for detainees.
  • Hamas leader Osama bin Hamdan makes a speech blaming Israel and calling for international intervention.
  • Israeli hackers claim to have canceled flights in Lebanon.
  • Hamas responds to IDF evidence of hostages at Al Shifa Hospital, denying allegations.
  • No ceasefire-hostage release deal yet; conflicting reports emerge.
  • Houthis of Yemen announce targeting Israeli-associated ships.
  • Ongoing border developments, including targeted attacks and alleged capture of an Israeli-owned cargo ship.
  • Doctors Without Borders condemns an attack on an evacuation convoy.
  • WHO labels Al-Shifa Hospital a “death zone.”
  • Israel repeats threats to Hezbollah.
  • IDF finds tunnel system under Shifa Hospital.
  • Netanyahu denies reports of an imminent hostage deal in Gaza.
  • Houthis issue a video warning about targeting Israeli ships.

November 20th:

  • Hezbollah deputy secretary-general justifies secrecy for October 7th attack.
  • Israel shifts strategy, focusing on trapping Hamas in tunnels.
  • Details emerge about a potential hostage release deal; progress reported.
  • Report on the deadliest month for journalists in the Israel-Hamas war.
  • Biden’s advisor in Israel for talks on preventing conflict with Lebanon.
  • Israeli government spokesman highlights the hostage situation.
  • Far-right Israeli minister proposes legislation for the death penalty for terrorists.
  • Israeli War Cabinet discussion ends with reported progress in abductees deal talks.
  • Intense Hezbollah attack targets northern Israel.
  • Footage of Houthi takeover of an Israeli ship.
  • NBC journalist arrested for alleged pro-Hamas sentiments.
  • Israel calls for a greater attack on Hezbollah amid escalations.
  • Aid trucks and doctors arrive in Gaza.
  • Israeli shelling targets the house of a Lebanese politician allied with Hezbollah.
  • Reports suggest Israel and Hamas are close to a 5-day ceasefire.
  • Director of Health in Gaza condemns Israel for displacing Gazans and destroying infrastructure.
  • Approximately 600 people reported dead inside an Indonesian hospital in Gaza.
  • Golani Brigade fighters engage in face-to-face battles in Zayytun neighborhood.
  • IDF strikes Hezbollah headquarters following a missile attack on an Israeli base.
  • Footage shows Israeli exposure of Hamas infrastructure, weapons, and tunnel shaft in a mosque.
  • Amnesty International urges the International Criminal Court to investigate Israel.
  • John Kirby comments on the use of the term “genocide.”
  • Israeli army deploys 100,000 soldiers on the border with Lebanon.
  • Footage of forces in the fight against the ‘Zayytun’ battalion of Hamas.

November 21st:

1. Ceasefire Deal with Hamas:

  • Israeli government approves a 4-day ceasefire deal with Hamas in Gaza.
  • Phase 1 includes the release of 50 Israeli women and children by Hamas and the release of 150 Palestinian prisoners (mostly women and minors) by Israel.
  • Israel allows around 300 aid trucks per day to enter Gaza from Egypt, along with additional fuel.
  • Phase 2 might involve the release of more hostages if Israel extends the ceasefire.

2. International Response:

  • President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken express gratitude to Qatar and Egypt for their role in the agreement.
  • Israel commits to supporting the truce and providing aid to Gaza.

3. Involvement of Islamic Jihad:

  • Palestinian Islamic Jihad agrees to join the ceasefire deal, holding over 30 hostages.

4. Hezbollah’s Position:

  • Hezbollah announces it will respect the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas for 4 days to allow residents to harvest crops along the border.

5. Legal Challenge and Hospital Evacuation:

  • Almagor Terror Victims Association plans to petition against the hostage and ceasefire deal.
  • Israeli military orders evacuation of an Indonesian hospital in Gaza, alleging militant activity.

6. IDF Urges Evacuation:

  • Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) urge residents in specific Gaza areas to evacuate for safety, claiming Hamas has lost control.

7. Ceasefire Details:

  • Ceasefire begins at 6-7 am Israel time on Nov 23.
  • Itamar Ben Gvir votes against the deal in the Knesset.
  • Hostage release occurs in two stages over 4 days.
  • Conditions include Red Cross visits, daily IDF surveillance pause, and possible extension based on hostage releases.
  • Public given 24 hours to appeal against detainees’ release.

8. Minister’s Concerns:

  • Minister Itamar Ben Gvir expresses concerns about the deal, emphasizing the moral obligation to bring back all hostages.

9. Ceasefire Extension Mechanism:

  • Netanyahu announces that releasing every 10 hostages will extend the ceasefire by one additional day.

10. Continued Military Operations:

  • IDF intensifies air bombardment in Gaza despite the movement towards a ceasefire.
  • US provides Israel with ‘safe sites,’ but Israel continues to target some of them.

11. Hamas Announcement:

  • Hamas announces a humanitarian ceasefire for four days, detailing terms including aid, prisoner exchange, and air traffic restrictions.

12. International Reactions:

  • South Africa’s parliament passes a resolution urging the closure of the Israeli embassy.

13. Footage and Accusations:

  • IDF shares footage of weapons found under a mosque, accusing Hamas of using civilian structures for military purposes.
  • Hamas releases footage of attacks on Israeli vehicles.

14. Humanitarian Crisis Claims:

  • Labour MSP Pauline McNeill describes the situation as a human catastrophe, accusing Israel of a massacre and breach of international law.

November 22nd:

  • Former Mossad Director Efraim Halevy expresses skepticism about wiping out Hamas, highlighting international desires for the conflict to end.
  • IDF conducts 300 airstrikes on Hamas targets a day before the ceasefire.
  • Israeli army detains Al-Shifa Hospital director, alleging Hamas use of tunnels.
  • Child death toll surpasses 5,500.
  • Ceasefire deal details include the release of hostages and prisoners, Red Cross visits, and a potential extension.
  • Israeli military orders evacuation of an Indonesian hospital in Gaza.
  • Palestinian Authority reports 40% of housing in Gaza demolished.
  • Iranian Foreign Minister emphasizes resilience in Gaza and consults with Lebanese authorities.
  • IDF announces airstrikes targeting Hezbollah sites in Lebanon.
  • Islamic Jihad agrees to a ceasefire deal with Hamas, holding over 30 hostages.
  • Urgent evacuation advisory for northern Gaza residents by IDF.
  • Israeli military intensifies air bombardment despite ceasefire progress.
  • Almagor Terror Victims Association petitions Israel’s High Court against the hostage and ceasefire deal.
  • Iranian Foreign Minister warns of consequences for the U.S. if support for Israel continues.

November 23rd:

  • Ceasefire begins, but IDF emphasizes it’s an operational pause, not the end of the war.
  • Humanitarian aid starts entering Gaza via Rafah Crossing.
  • Elon Musk plans to visit Israel.
  • Israel’s Chief of Staff declares the continuation of the war.
  • Hezbollah claims responsibility for a rocket attack on northern Israel.
  • Ceasefire deal announced with the release of abductees.
  • Pope Francis faces criticism for remarks on terrorism.
  • UNICEF declares Gaza the “most dangerous place” for children.
  • Islamic Resistance in Iraq claims responsibility for a drone attack on an American airbase.
  • German police raid homes of Hamas members and supporters.

November 24th:

  1. Hostage Release in Progress: 22 Israeli abductees are being released and have arrived at the Hatzer base. They will soon be flown to hospitals to reunite with their families.
  2. Qatari Demonstrative Action (Oct 23): Under Qatari pressure, Hamas released hostages Judith Raanan and her daughter Natalie, highlighting Qatar’s influence. Subsequently, Hamas signaled a desire for a pause in the aerial campaign on Oct 24, leading to intensified negotiations.
  3. McGurk-Netanyahu Meeting: A heated meeting occurred between McGurk and Netanyahu, with the U.S. emphasizing the role of the Palestinian Authority. Despite tensions, a deal was signed, raising questions about the post-Gaza war landscape.
  4. Hostages Freed | Enroute to Rafah Border: Thirteen Israeli hostages and twelve Thai nationals have been released as part of a truce deal between Israel and Hamas. They are on their way to the Rafah border crossing.
  5. Official Statement by Israel: A statement confirms the return of the abductees, providing details of the families and individuals involved.
  6. Swap Deal: Israel agrees to release 39 Palestinians in exchange for 13 hostages held by Hamas. The International Red Cross oversees the transfer.
  7. IDF Finalizes Preparations for Operation “Heaven’s Doors”: Detailed stages are outlined for receiving abductees, including transfer to Israel, reception at Hatzer Air Force Base, transportation to hospitals, and family meetings.
  8. Footage: Red Cross Hostage Transport: Exclusive footage shows the Red Cross transporting Israeli prisoners and individuals detained by Hamas.
  9. Hamas Announces Release of Palestinian Prisoners: A statement from Hamas announces the release of male and female prisoners as part of a partial exchange deal.
  10. Report from Egypt: Egyptian authorities confirm receiving the Israeli abductees and providing primary medical care.
  11. IDF Soldiers Prevent Palestinians from Returning to Northern Gaza: Reports indicate IDF soldiers are preventing Palestinians from returning to northern Gaza due to concerns about Hamas reestablishing a human shield.
  12. Hostage Update: Released Israeli children and mothers are reported to be in good health. Two individuals are identified, including a woman who witnessed her husband’s murder on Oct 7.
  13. Aid Entering Gaza: Long-awaited aid, including fuel, enters the Gaza Strip through the Rafah Crossing.
  14. Intel Lapse Before Hamas Oct 7 Assault: Insights from IDF’s Unit 8200 reveal an intelligence lapse before the Hamas Oct 7 assault, despite ominous signs and warnings.
  15. Israeli Military Helicopters En Route: Israeli military helicopters are en route to the Kerem Shalom Crossing for hostage transport.
  16. Netanyahu Statement About Hostage Release: Netanyahu emphasizes the commitment to the return of all abductees and achieving the war’s goals.
  17. Israeli Tanks Leaving Gaza: Israeli tanks are leaving Gaza, with an expectation of returning after the truce ends.
  18. Release of 39 Women and Children from Israeli Prisons: In total, 150 women and children are released from Israeli prisons.
  19. Israeli Forces Restrict Media Access: Media access to the release of hostages from Ofer Prison is restricted by Israeli forces.
  20. Israel Dismissed Intel Reports of Oct 7th as ‘Fantasy’: Israel dismisses intelligence reports of the Oct 7th attack as ‘fantasy,’ causing controversy.
  21. Biden Claims Hamas Oct 7 Attack was to Sabotage Peace Efforts: Biden claims that the Hamas Oct 7 attack was intended to sabotage peace efforts.
  22. IDF Shooting Tear Gas and Real Ammunition at Crowd: An incident occurs near Ofer prison where IDF shoots tear gas and live ammunition at a crowd celebrating the hostage release, stating they were “too close to the security gate.” No casualties reported.

November 25th:

  1. Trump’s Concerns: Trump expresses skepticism about the Israel-Hamas hostage talks, highlighting the absence of American releases in the deal.
  2. Iran’s Position: A senior Iranian leader suggests that in a U.S.-Iran confrontation, Israel would survive, indicating Iran’s reluctance to intervene on behalf of Palestinians.
  3. War Protests in Israel: Despite a small anti-war protest, a majority of Israelis support the war in Gaza, with concerns that Israel is not using enough firepower.
  4. Released Palestinian Children: Former child detainees speak about harsh conditions in Israeli prisons, including overcrowding and mistreatment.
  5. Return of Palestinians: Many Palestinians return from South Gaza to the North, with 3 out of 4 Palestinians displaced.
  6. Hamas Media Advisor’s Interview: Highlights successes in the prisoner file, accuses Israel of violations, and emphasizes the role of Turkey and Qatar in mediating.
  7. Israel’s Stance: Speaker Hargi emphasizes the ongoing conflict against Hamas, distinguishing it from the people of Gaza.
  8. Medical Supplies Await Entry: 61 trucks of medical supplies await entry into northern Gaza through Israeli checkpoints.
  9. IDF Chief’s Statement: The IDF Chief states that the military will resume the offensive once the ceasefire ends.
  10. Hamas Press Conference: Hamas announces a press conference amid ongoing developments in the conflict.
  11. Qatar-Israel Truce Talks: Qatar and Israel engage in talks to prolong the truce between Hamas and Israel.
  12. Human Rights Monitor’s Call: Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor calls for an independent investigation into the Israeli army’s detention of dead Palestinians’ bodies.
  13. Houthi Claim: Houthi forces claim to have captured an Israeli cargo ship belonging to ZIM.
  14. Qatar’s Geopolitical Role: Qatar expands its role in conflict resolution, with President Biden contacting Qatar’s Emir for progress discussions.
  15. Hamas’s Delay in Hostage Release: Hamas delays the release of the second batch of hostages, citing concerns about aid delivery.
  16. Egypt’s Role: Egypt indicates positive signals for a possible extension of the Gaza truce, with talks underway.
  17. Hostage Deal Continuation: Despite initial doubts, the hostage deal is confirmed to proceed, with efforts from Qatar and Egypt.
  18. Hamas Statement on Hostage Release: Hamas leader Osama Hamdan acknowledges the role of the people and resistance, emphasizing the release of 150 women and children.
  19. Second Wave of Hostages: A second wave of hostages is set to be released as part of the ongoing exchange.
  20. Palestinian Officials’ Discontent: Palestinian officials express dissatisfaction with Israel’s alleged failure to adhere to prisoner release criteria.
  21. Hamas Condemns Dutch Statement: Hamas condemns a statement by the Dutch extremist Wilders, calling for the displacement of Palestinians to Jordan.
  22. Ceasefire Allows Aid: Ceasefire allows critical humanitarian aid into Gaza, including food, water, and medical supplies.
  23. Hostage Release Delay: Details unfold about the delay in the hostage release, with key issues including aid transfer and prisoner release criteria.
  24. Qatar’s Warning to Hamas: Qatar warns Hamas against delaying the process, stating it risks defeat.
  25. UNICEF’s Ceasefire Demand: UNICEF demands an immediate and permanent ceasefire for urgent fuel delivery and rescue operations in Gaza.
  26. Qatar’s Role in Negotiations: Qatar is credited with resolving the crisis and ensuring the implementation of the temporary truce agreement.
  27. Israeli Interceptor Missiles: Israeli Army fires interceptor missiles at suspicious air targets over the Red Sea, possibly operated by Houthi Forces.
  28. Gallant on Hostage Situation: Israeli Defense Minister Gallant emphasizes that Israeli forces will stay in Gaza until all hostages are returned.
  29. Israeli Protester in Jerusalem: Footage shows an Israeli protester in Jerusalem demanding Netanyahu to stop the war.
  30. Hostages Arrive in Israel: Hostages, including Israelis and foreigners, arrive in Israel, with the IDF preparing to reunite them with their families.
  31. Treatment of Israeli Hostages: Israeli hostages are allegedly treated humanely, with no reported harsh treatment.
  32. Israeli Government Spokesman’s Statement: The Israeli government spokesman attributes the release of hostages to continuous military pressure on Hamas.

November 26th:

  1. International Efforts to End the War Escalate: The Qatari Prime Minister warns that the failure to secure a permanent ceasefire may expand the conflict and destabilize the region.
  2. Hamas Leader Denounces Israeli Aggression: Hanini condemns Israeli actions in Jenin, vowing resistance and stating it’s part of the broader aggression against Palestinians.
  3. Hamas Confirms Killing of Four Military Commanders: Four Hamas military commanders, including Ahmad Al Ghandour, are reported dead in Gaza. Al Ghandour was targeted by the IDF on Nov 17.
  4. Prisoner Exchange Continues: Hamas hands over 13 Israeli hostages and others to the Red Cross, continuing the exchange despite last-minute hurdles.
  5. Ceasefire Extension Linked to Hostage Releases: Israeli President links ceasefire extension to the number of hostages released by Hamas.
  6. IDF Inflicts Significant Damage to Hamas Military: IDF claims to have significantly damaged Hamas’s military force, impacting its current and future capabilities.
  7. Netanyahu Vows to Continue Fight: Despite doubts and international pressure, Netanyahu visits troops in Gaza and pledges to continue the offensive against Hamas.
  8. Praise for Released Palestinian Prisoners: Footage shows support for released prisoners and Hamas in the face of ongoing struggles.
  9. Names of 14 Israeli Hostages Freed: Families of hostages released after 51 days in Gaza are named.
  10. Israeli Forces Kill Palestinians in West Bank: Eight Palestinians killed in a 24-hour operation in the West Bank, leading to concerns and reports of damage.
  11. IDF Seizes Millions from Hamas Hideouts: Significant funds seized from Hamas hideouts, marking a financial blow.
  12. Doubt on Additional Israeli Abductees: Red Cross official expresses doubt on additional releases, raising concerns about a possible resumption of the war.
  13. Ceasefire Proceeds Amidst Exchange: Egypt confirms lists for the release of Israelis and Palestinians; ceasefire reportedly progressing.
  14. Potential Ceasefire Extension: Talks of extending the ceasefire with additional hostage releases; terms pending.
  15. International Engagement: Statements from Biden and Putin, and Elon Musk’s visit to address online hate in Israel.
  16. UN Reports Loss in Gaza Conflict: Tragic record of 108 UN workers killed; urgent call for action to safeguard humanitarian workers.
  17. Teen Hostage Released, Mother Left Behind: Concerns arise as a teenage hostage is released while her mother remains in Hamas’s custody.
  18. Possible Ceasefire Extension: Fourth day of the ceasefire; Israel ready to extend in exchange for released hostages.
  19. Rumors of Hamas Seeking More Terms: Speculation about additional terms in ceasefire negotiations.
  20. Israeli Government Minister’s Statement: Israeli Minister Nir Barkat’s remark on considering the Palestinian perspective.
  21. Destruction of Indonesian Hospital: Significant healthcare facility in Gaza nearly destroyed; uncertainty about reopening.


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