Pokémon_Type_Wild_v5.3_Win_RIP_EN.zip (237.7MB)

Pokémon_Type_Wild_v5.3_Win_RIP_JP.zip (215.0MB)

Type:Wild is a fan-created Pokémon game, crafted by Pokesho, who is rumored to be a former animator from the Pokémon Anime series.

This game was initially released in 2006 and was made available on Pokesho’s website until it was unexpectedly removed for undisclosed reasons. Although it hasn’t received updates in quite some time, Pokesho has tantalizingly hinted at a new version via their Twitter/X account. These hints suggest that the upcoming release will include the addition of Mewtwo to the roster, showcase a new move for Gengar, and unveil Charizard’s sprite sheet. The gaming community has also lent its support to Type:Wild, with fans providing translations and online support.

Notably, Type:Wild is still accessible and functional on Windows 10 and 11, and it has been verified to work on the Steam Deck as well. To make this game compatible with Steam, it can be added as a non-Steam game, and controllers can be configured to play the game using Steam Input (requiring the binding of gamepad keys to keyboard controls).

Getting the game to run on Steam Deck is pretty simple. I placed the game folder in the library where all of my Steam games are and added it as a non-game. I forced the resolution to run at native 640×480 and forced compatibility to Proton 8.0-3. Set the power usage TDP to 5 and runs just fine.

Once I got in, I customized the Steam Deck controls to the games default keyboard controls for both Player 1 and 2. I’ve uploaded this control scheme to the Steam Community. I have not tried out the online version yet nor have I set it up.

Image of the game running on a Steam Deck:

Posting some basic tech in this game I’ve been figuring out so far. There isn’t really any documentation on this game digging around online, nor is there frame data.

  • You CANNOT tech throws. In modern fighting games, if both players press grab, it will result in a tech and restarts the neutral game.
    • This is going back to classic Street Fighter 2, whoever grabs the fastest will get the throw. Full Damage.
  • Protect is an instant guard option at the cost of 1PP per frame. Can be grabbed.
    • Can be cancelled out moving in any direction
    • Can also be used in the air but you cannot cancel out of it while in midair
  • Blocks are held backwards, can also block in the air as well
    • Blocks can be broken if blocking too many attacks in a short amount of time
  • Assist choices at the start of the round are labeled as it follows
  • Assist button can also be a quick air dash for some characters, Gardevoir can use this as a shortcut instead of inputting dash

No bread and butters just yet, there’s no training mode option so testing things out are limited. I basically have been setting up versus with a player 2 controller and just playing around with what works and what doesn’t.

Found out the engine this game is running on! It’s 2D Fighter Maker 2002 linked from this article. The author lists what the engine is capable of and what it can’t do. I was able to load the files in but it’s all in Japanese as expected. It’s fun digging through the sprites at least!

Screenshot of the software

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