Amazon and Hyundai are partnering to allow car dealerships to sell vehicles on Amazon’s US site, marking the e-commerce giant’s entry into the automotive business.

Starting in 2024, customers can browse Hyundai models on Amazon, refine searches based on preferences, and complete the purchase online. The checkout process includes preferred payment and financing options. This move mirrors Tesla’s direct-to-consumer model, aiming to simplify the car-buying process. Hyundai will also adopt Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its preferred cloud provider, enhancing its digital capabilities and incorporating Alexa into future vehicles.

Key Points:

  • Amazon partners with Hyundai, enabling US car dealerships to sell vehicles on its platform starting in 2024.
  • Customers can browse, select, and purchase Hyundai models online, with the option for delivery or pickup at a local dealership.
  • Hyundai adopts AWS for a comprehensive digital transformation, focusing on data-driven operations, manufacturing efficiency, and connected vehicle development.
  • Alexa integration in Hyundai vehicles begins in 2025, offering hands-free experiences, smart home control, and more.
  • The move challenges traditional dealership models, aligning with the trend of online car purchases.

Amazon’s entry into the automotive market signifies a shift in the way consumers buy cars, leveraging the convenience of online platforms and digital transformation. The partnership with Hyundai not only enhances the car-buying experience but also signifies broader collaborations in cloud services and smart vehicle technology.

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