Back in 1998, Google’s visionary founders received their initial investment – a modest $100,000. In a joyful celebration of this milestone, they headed to Burger King.

Their journey commenced in 1996 with the inception of a search engine project. Interestingly, they christened it “Backrub” due to its unique function of analyzing web backlinks.

As the year 1997 rolled in, a significant decision was made. They opted to rebrand their brainchild, settling on the name “Google.” This moniker was a clever nod to the mathematical concept “googol,” denoting the numeral 1 followed by an astounding 100 zeros. This choice perfectly encapsulated their mission: to systematically organize and make the immense troves of internet information accessible and searchable.

What initially started as a research project within the confines of a Stanford dorm room blossomed into one of the globe’s most influential and pioneering technology companies. It stands as a testament to the potential of innovative thinking and underscores the profound impact that the ideas of two enterprising students can wield on the world.


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