Zelda 6-Hole Sweet Potato Ocarina Review from Thinkgeek

Partnering up with Thinkgeek has it’s perks!

They just sent me a 6-Hole Sweet Potato Ocarina and oh do I feel the nostalgia. 


Every time I get/see a LoZ product, I’m always reminded of Ocarina of Time, and  it makes me want to play it all over again.


On to the review:

The ocarina sounds beautiful, and the book that came with it is very informative with a lot of songs that are easily illustrated for you to learn how to play. It’s everything that one would want and so much more.

When I first received the product I had no idea how to play this, let alone hold it! ( I can’t imagine trying to play on the 12-hole ocarina I’m going to review soon! )

So after playing around with it, I started to master playing Bolero of Fire, even daring to play a even harder song. Little by little, I slowly started to ruin the image of my favorite childhood game by playing Saria’s Song horribly out of tune.


To me I thought that this was a really awesome gadget, but the enjoyment only last for approximately a day. I say a day because, from the time you receive the package and after playing for awhile, you tend to stop playing it and keep it as a collectors item, or a memento. Yes, it’s cool to show to your friends every once in a while when they come over, but really, this will only last for so long.


 Product Features

  • Real playable Ocarina lets you re-create your favorite Zelda tunes
  • Made from glazed earthenware
  • 6 Holes, Plays notes from C4-D5
  • Tri-Force Logo adorns the stem
  • Made in the USA
If I had to complain about anything, it would be the size. If you have larger hands it may be a little difficult to hold and use at the same time. A bit of practice and getting familiar with it should be enough to negate that con. I’d easily recommend this to anyone that is interested in learning to play an ocarina or just wants another beautifully made ocarina.
If you are looking for a good beginners ocarina, then this is the perfect choice. Not to say this is only for beginners, though. Any skill level should enjoy this instrument and the beautiful sounds it can produce. It just helps if you are a Zelda fan as well.
So stop reading this review and get one!

You won’t regret it!

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