Xbox 360 Successor to have 16 CPU Cores

The latest rumor for the Xbox 360 successor is here.

Microsoft’s upcoming console, code-named Durango is rumored to be powered by a 16-core processor, says Xbox World magazine. 


The magazine says devkits have already been sent to developers, following “secret” meetings held in London. Of course, the Durango kits will not resemble the final device, but the internals should match (at least similarly) what is expected to be in the final console.

All rumors point to a holiday 2013 release and the sources claim the devkits have “a 16-core IBM Power PC CPU with a graphics processor on par with AMD’s Radeon HD 7000-series graphics cards.”

If accurate, the console will certainly be forward-looking, as the business market saw its first 16-core processor (from AMD) just last November.

Adds the magazine:

“It’s a ridiculous amount of power for a games machine – too much power, even. But remember, Kinect 2 could chew up four whole cores tracking multiple players right down to their fingertips, so it’ll need a lot of power.”



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