Worst 5 Anime Characters…

5.) Tohru Honda – Fruits Basket

Good evening. My name is Tohru Honda, and I suck.

Personally, I think that Tohru was custom made as a character that I would hate. Granted, Fruits Basket sucked, and almost all of the characters were completely shitty anyway (although I am a guy and this was more of an anime for girls, which is something I found out after I had started watching it (I watched this when I had just gotten into anime, and still knew nothing)). Tohru sucks because:

  1. She’s too fucking polite. I hate people who are overly polite. It pisses me off. When I hold a door open for somebody, I don’t want a “thank you” because that means I have to say “your welcome” or some bullshit like that. I don’t say “your welcome” anyway, but that’s besides the point. She’s so agreeable that you could probably shit on her face and she’d agree.
  2. She pretty much let’s people walk all over her. This isn’t really apparent, but it comes with the agreeable personality.
  3. She’s a fucking moron. She’s so stupid when it comes to school work and common sense that sometimes I think she should be beaten.

Basically, I hated everything about Fruits Basket, except for Kyo, who was actually kind of cool (probably just because he turned into a cat, and thusly he didn’t give a shit about anything).


4.) Tsukasa – .hack//SIGN

Tsukasa is a pussy. That’s what I’m telling you. Like most characters in .hack//SIGN, he doesn’t do anything, nor does he have any real purpose. He’s a piece of shit, and I wish he died after the first episode. Any interaction with any other character, like Bear, who is  equally as shitty, or that girl, and he runs away. He’s like a fucking timid deer or something. He’s also actually a girl in real life. Fag. I never watched the last 4 or 5 episodes, because at that point it didn’t matter how good they were. If you want to have a semi-decent show, you need at least one or two semi-decent characters. all of the characters in .hack//SIGN sucked.

How can you say that? They had such great depth!

You complete dolt! They had zero depth! Bear had family troubles, and that’s all he pretty much talked about. Maybe if you didn’t spend all of your fucking time on the internet  and got a fucking job then your family wouldn’t wish you were dead as much as I did. And the other characters- ha, don’t get me started. You know what, I don’t even want to get into this. I’ve moved on from .hack//SIGN’s shittiness, and I’m moving on from this character.


3.) Shinji Ikari – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Okay, so he’s an anti-hero, and is meant to be the way that he is. It’s necessary for the story. I don’t give a shit, Shinji sucks as a character. He’s so depressed and pussy that I wanted an Angel to beat him down the entire series. I’m still not entirely sure if I like this series or not. It was pretty good I guess. But Shinji is a fuck-tard piece of emo shit.

Wah wah I’m Shinji and my dad doesn’t love me boo hoo. I’m depressed and I can’t do anyt- SHUT UP AND CUT YOURSELF YOU FAGGOT! I mean, I like MCR, but I’m not an emo fag like you are. Please, just die. I’ve never seen a more lame main character before. There’s still 5 more places to go, and even though I hate those characters more than you, you’re still the most lame.


2.) Shippo – InuYasha

Speaking of shitty characters in good shows, Shippo, what the fuck? What is your purpose in this show? Do you help in fights? No, you’re a pussy. Are you like….the cute character? No, you look like a shitty old rag that I use for dusting things. What is you’re point? Comic relief? No, you are never funny. I just watched an entire episode based on you, and it’s clear as ever to me that you suck. YOU HAVE NO PURPOSE! GO DIE!

1.) Happosai – Ranma 1/2

Last but not least HapposaiI was JUST getting back into Ranma 1/2, when they suddenly gave me an episode about Happosai. Fuck me, right? If Happosai wasn’t a character in Ranma 1/2, then i can say with confidence that i would have finished the series, and probably given it high marks. He has single handedly ruined this show for me.

Whenever he shows up in an episode or anything, it’s going to be the same fucking thing that it always is. He’s going to steal underwear and act like a spoiled brat. I want to hit him with a sledgehammer 2 or 2 hundred times. He’s fucking annoying (he reminds me of a mosquito that keeps buzzing in your ear and no matter what, you can’t kill it), and takes the top spot by a LANDSLIDE. Honestly, a couple Rumiko Takahashi manga has one short, pointless character in it.


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