WinterBoard for iOS 5 Released!

If you wanted to use WinterBoard for your jailbroken iOS 5 iPhone, it’s out!


Jay Freeman aka saurik has been working on his latest packages and Cydia since the initial release of the iOS5 public version. Known most noticeably for WinterBoard, we can all assume that he has been working hard to make sure all the tweaks and bugs are gone for his next release. There was a beta version of this posted on a IRC Channel. If you don’t know what WinterBoard is well, it’s a program to let graphic artists theme almost anything in Apple’s OS. Basically, it’s a theme package. It allows you to have a different GUI interface. If you want to see the best types of WinterBoard I have an article on that too, check it out.

Well if you like me and you’ve been waiting for WinterBoard for iOS 5 you can now get it in the Cydia Store now.

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