Why TeamTreeHouse’s Tech Degree for iOS Development is NOT worth it

<rant> If you’re wondering or googling whether or not TeamTreeHouse’s Tech Degree for iOS Development is worth your time and money, think again.

For someone who would ever be interested in this program, regardless of price ($599/mo), wants something in return. A job.


In this program, you learn Objective-C and Swift to build apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV. You’ll learn the skills necessary to start a new career in iOS Development (Entry Level position), who on average, typically earns $70,000/year.

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Right off the bat, they show testimonials for there program, but not related to iOS Development. A red flag.


In this program, you’ll get 12 Projects (Building anything is great, so this is a plus), 24 Courses (You get paying $25 – $49/mo), 64 Quizzes (You get paying $25 – $49/mo), 59 Challenges (You get paying $25 – $49/mo), 6 – 12 Months with around 220-260 hours of learning time (I’m assuming that comes from the courses, which you can get paying the amount as told).

I’m not saying the teaching quality is bad, in fact, I love Pasan Premaratne and Gabe Nadel. But for $599/mo What I’m really paying for is Personal project reviews, 1-on-1 mentor sessions, Exclusive Slack channel, a semi-non exclusive Portfolio of 12 real-world projects and a Proctored final exam. The rest of the course can be watched using there regular subscription. The reason why I say the portfolio is “semi-non exclusive” is because anyone who pays for this course, gets the same portfolio as you. But the learning experience of building is what matters.

Accreditation is a key concern to me. As far as I’m aware there’s no accredited degree from doing online education with Treehouse. I just don’t see the significant reason for someone who’s working a full time job or busy with their life to pay money for this with no guarantee/promise of any job and without any accreditation. You have to study on average 1-2 hours/day costing you around $3600 (6-months time) to get results. Price is not my main concern, but the fact that there is no guarantee or promise that I will get a job (which is all that really matters). Because if I don’t get a quality job out of this (I don’t want to be underpaid or have to relocate) then what’s the point? I need a promise or guarantee or something.

Also, you have to worry about TreeHouse not going away or them continuing to be a high quality and respectable leader. All of which right now I’m not concerned, but a degree lasts forever, not their certificate. Also, I’m still not clear how they’ll keep up with the transition to Swift 3.0, but that’s a very minor concern at the moment. Maybe lowering the monthly subscription and having more time with mentors will persuade more people because right now, the price and cost is not convincing me.

Lastly, for the people who want to make a jump to a completely different industry, paying this type of money is the scariest thing ever. I have a 9-5 job that I love and if I budget my spending, I can afford this, but why should I? The hard work I put in, will it be worth it?


I haven’t taken this course, so my opinion may not be valid depending on who’s reading this, but for someone who wants to go through it, it’s not convincing enough. At least for me.



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