What is Aikido?


Allow me to explain Aikido for those who might not understand, or watch too much MMA.

When you see Aikido done at a fairly advanced level it looks as fake as it gets.


It appears as if Aikido attackers are jumping for the guy throwing them, doing something more akin to acting, than taking falls. That is common, and notice how no one in Aikido even tries to defend it? Unlike pro wrestling have you ever seen anyone in Aikido ever try to dispute this? Do you know why? It is because people believing it is fake is Aikido’s strongest advantage. It is because Aikido is based on physics and advanced geometry. It is based on increasing your odds in an attack, and it cuts out all of the inefficiencies in jiujitsu, Karate, boxing etc. Not to knock those arts, ALL martial arts are good and worthy of training and study, I am merely explaining to you what sets Aikido apart.

There was a Samurai warrior named Musahi. He was known as an incredible swordsman. He never lost. But he would use the art of deception to win his battles. He was not the fastest, most athletic, best bodied person to adorn the status of Samurai. So to compensate, he used a part of his body that few use in altercations. He used his brain. Musashi would fight someone on the beach and call out a certain time of day to battle. Then when he knew the sun would cast it’s rays directly behind his head and block the sun from the eyes of his opponent, he would move quickly to the side blasting them with sun rays and then he would cut the guys head off. Everyone was amazed at Musashi’s abilities when they were merely watching from a safe distance away on the beach. The guy getting his head cut off couldn’t tell them how Musashi did it, so Musashi was always feared, and silent. He used his brain to research the future and find out where he needed to stand, what angel was the correct angle, and how to converse to get him where he needed to be. Musashi lived a long full life.

Now, Aikido is more like Musashi, and less like Chuck Liddell (I think that is the correct spelling). Mr.Liddell is a good guy. He knows what he knows well. But you must remember, this is in a ring, in a controlled environment. Even in the older days of the Gracie’s (excellent martial artists by the way) even in those days had controls. Is it real? Oh yes, it is as real as it gets if you are in an octagon in a sports competition with a ref, and a tap out rule. What I am telling you is, the MMA is not a beach, with no rules. It is an air-conditioned auditorium with all kinds of rules. Down to sound and lighting. Why? To make the fight fair. So that each fighter brings their particular skill to the ring. It is a competition, not real life.

So then what of Aikido? We are based on sword. Sword is designed to cut and kill quickly. It is angles. It is geometry, it is distance, it is timing, it is practice throwing literally 1000’s of times, applying 1000’s of holds, joint manipulations and pins. It is so incredibly deep in terms of actual science and spirituality, that it is difficult to explain to someone who thinks it is fake. And we fully admit it does look fake. And that is what we want everyone to think. Why? I will tell you the secret. It is because if you have ever trained on a mat, and you were the one taking the throws, joint manipulations, and pins for 1000’s of times, you know they work. You have had injuries from broken bones, severed tendons, concussions and the like in the early stages of transition between intermediate to advanced. Everyone you see throwing in demonstrations are all Udansha and are demonstrating the highest level of Aikido. And when you have went through doing 1000’s of throws what it feels like to be even semi close to pain and you learn to just get out of there as quickly as you possibly can if you are the one attacking and falling. You and your attacker become one. Because while he is practicing an angle or a movement based on how you attack (every attack is different, we never use the same in attacking because the person throwing cannot learn all angles and sink them into repetition of you are giving weak or predictable attacks), while he is learning how to store angles and information based on when he is feeling the attackers body going weightless for throwing, pinning etc., the guy getting thrown is trying to prevent from having his neck broke, wrist broke, a concussion, arm dislocated so on and so forth.

So as you see, looks can be extremely deceiving. So if you wish to know what Aikido is, there are Aikidoists all over the world. You do not need a Steven Seagal Udansha to explain this to you. Find someone you know who is an Aikidoist. Ask them to show you Nikyo, Ikkyo, or a few simple immobilizations. Maybe very slowly they can show you the basic mechanics of a throw. And then tell you what. Ask them to do it with you then full speed with you trying to trick them. Tell them to use the same techniques they just showed you and you will stop them. And then after that, tell you doctor that it is setting your broken wrist how you seen a Steven Seagal video and posted “This shit is fake”, before you thought you were Barney badass at an Aikido dojo.

Oh, and Chuck? Well let me tell you about that. He would kick my ass from start to finish in a straight up fight. I couldn’t last 5 seconds with him. He would have me black and blue all over the floor. I would be bleeding for days on end, would be in the hospital and may never get out. How do I know? He is on tv, and he is an MMA guy. I have seen him fight. I am no dummy. I was never going to be as strong more than likely, I was never going to be able to retain 3% body fat. So I started training an art that would give me years of a tactical advantage. Training with pro football players that came to learn Aikido to get by offensive linemen, attempting to take their balance and still control them so they DIDN’T GET HURT ON THE MAT. I learned millions of angles. I failed and gotten punched thousands of times. Until? It clicked one day. And then? If you are attacking me, and you want to be a Udansha, you had better learn to get out of there or you will break your bones every throw or manipulation. So what would I do with Chuck? I would let him come in, I would move throw and break his leg, wrist, arm immediately. I would make sure that it was firmly snapped, and snapped quickly. I would make sure that it was bad enough that he would be more worried about his career than getting up to hurt me and get even. See, I have a family I love. I have a wife I love. I want my kids protected. And I want me to be around for a long time. Will Chuck ever attack me? No I doubt it. He would probably love me and sit down and talk martial arts and hang. After all, tv is an illusion, and he knows that too. But there might be people who are on this particular blog for instance, who might look at tv and think it is real, and want to be Chuck Liddell. That guy might want to take a piece of me. And he doesn’t know how to fall, he won’t even be able to comprehend the level of hell he is about to endure with the setting of his broken bone, or the recovery from surgery over the severed tensions, because he didn’t take that “fake as shit” break fall he saw that “pussy that was attacking that fat ass Steven Seagal” as he put it once upon a time.

I hope this answers some questions!

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