What I would I wish for if I could put together my very own Dream Crate?


I am building my dream 3D Printing workshop and it’s time to get serious with 3D printing.

I am looking for a machine that will print high quality parts consistently with minimal hassle from then on.


I’d rather pay more for a workhorse machine, than go cheap and fight with it constantly. The main purpose of the prints will be for engineering prototypes.I would like to be able to print proof of concept and demonstration pieces, including active mechanical parts such as gears and other mechanisms. Below is what I would wish for if I could put together my very own Dream Crate:



$6000+ 😉


My motivation behind this project:

I’ve heard of Loot Crate, my friends have heard of Loot Crate and I just wanted to share my Secret Santa article to the internet. Additionally, the geek and gaming subscription box service Loot Crate is looking to find out what people would do if they could put together their very own Dream Crate. So, why not share my thoughts!?




BOOM Bound – A Fast-paced, Real-time, Strategic Movement and Pattern mobile game.

The goal of the game is to have the player maneuver his/her character in and out of deadly explosions to get to the beacon on the other side of the map. These levels have been refined, played and battle-tested over and over many times giving the perfect balance of difficulty and enjoyment.

Download it below:


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