Voting in big elections doesn’t really matter.


Many have suspected it, but now it’s obvious that voting in big elections doesn’t really matter.

In the past it hasn’t been much of a problem because voters (generally speaking) drank the Kool-aide and voted for the hand picked candidates.


Now you have leaders in the Democratic parties that say that the purpose of super delegates is to insure that party leaders can override the voting electorate (us). Like as if that means something other that discarding the vote and will of the people. The Republicans are no better. A delegate vote is just that, a delegate vote. It can be anything and it can be changed. So, while it may appear that Donald Trump has more votes, the system is rigged that he will not have enough and the party leaders can change those delegate votes to whomever they chose.

It’s never been done before, but really it is no different than using super-delegates. Democrats rig the system on the front end and Republicans rig it on the back end. For those of us that truly follow politics this comes as no surprise. It’s funny listening to people that are hearing about super-delegates for the first time or even learning what delegates are. Not sure why, it’s been this way a long long time. It’s the primary reason country and indeed the entire world is so jacked up right now.

Even if Trump gets only 40% of the remaining 944, Trump gets 378 more and puts him at 1117. Even though it is short it still puts him ahead of Cruz if Kasich dropped out totally and Cruz gets 60% (566) + 465+ 1031. Trump would still be ahead 86 delegates. Cruz only overtakes Trump if Trump gets only 35% AND if Cruz gets 65%. Even then it is an 8 delegate separation.

Cruz has no way to win other than a brokered convention.

Kasich knows this, Trump knows this, and Cruz knows this. If Trump continues and comes just short and the party doesn’t nod him with the Republican party is done. They can say 50% of the party didn’t vote for him all they want. If they are going with that concept we can say even less voted for Cruz and even less for Kasich. So, that is a poor argument and going Cruz over Trump at the convention is nothing but a death knell.


Hillary Clinton might want to pay attention to this scenario, which could very well play out, since I’ve heard this scenario about 4 times now. IF the GOP decides to give the nod to Kasich, or someone else that doesn’t have a chance, this will open an “unusual door” not seen in politics in quite sometime. If the GOP decides to give the nod to someone else other than Trump or Cruz, at least Trump has threatened to run as 3rd party. But recently, so has Cruz. So, the liberals are just giddy over this, but when you think HARD about it, this bodes VERY BAD for Clinton.

Should Trump and/or Cruz decide to run 3rd party (and they have the money and stroke to get on the ballots in all 50 states), then NOBODY will get the 270 Electoral votes needed for victory, not even Clinton. Now liberals, drag out the Constitution, because you’re gonna need it here. Should this happen, under our Constitution (which we all know the liberals have no regard for), the House of Representatives WILL decide the race. Liberals, take a good guess at who runs the House? The GOP. Therefore, Clinton WILL LOSE. The only question now, is who the House will give the election to? Trump? Cruz?? Someone else in the GOP??? This has NEVER played out before (at least of this magnitude), but get ready, it can very well happen. Furthermore, since Trump can screw up the election as 3rd party BY HIMSELF, the liberals better get the lawyers ready, like they did in 2000.

Even if you are not a Trump fanboy, you would still have to think that this whole 1237 delegates or bust idea is complete nonsense. It doesn’t matter if you like him or not, if the guy is winning in most of the states, he is (or rather should be) the nominee for his party, in my opinion. I am not even sure what the Republican party would be thinking if they try to oust Trump in favor of Cruz, (or even a completely new candidate). For one, Cruz is losing to Trump because Cruz has alienated himself, even among Republican voters, so don’t blame Trump for that. If they decide to go with a “new guy” then they are effectively telling Republican voters that their vote didn’t matter and that they will pick a person to run. I don’t think that will sit too well either, but, I guess we will all see how that goes.


Finally, in my opinion, getting the number of delegates to get the nomination is not going to be a problem for Trump.

It has been Kasich’s desperate idiocy that he will win by a “brokered convention” and some of the mainstream media that is against Trump is reporting the fallacy that it’s going to be a struggle for Trump to get the delegates that he needs. He has been leading National polls since last June, and as far as I know, most people know what the word loyalty means.

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