Top people who were wrongly portrayed as heroes…

SAN FRANCISCO - JANUARY 27: Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs demonstrates the new iPad as he speaks during an Apple Special Event at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts January 27, 2010 in San Francisco, California. Apple introduced its latest creation, the iPad, a mobile tablet browsing device that is a cross between the iPhone and a MacBook laptop. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

1. Steve Jobs is a classic example of why one should never meet their heroes. He was a total dick in person.

No disagreement there, but a lot of his actions had a LOT of rippling effects through the tech industry; he managed to bring Apple back from the brink of collapse (with the help of Microsoft, too), and that allowed Apple to remain in the game. Apple then went on to make the iPod, which uprooted the MP3 player market, and the iPhone, which also uprooted the mobile phone market. Dude was a total dick, but he saved Apple, and things would be a LOT different today if Apple had folded in the 90s. Android, if it had existed, would have been designed to be a Blackberry clone rather than what it is today. Palm’s WebOS likely wouldn’t have happened, either (Jon Rubenstein was originally at Apple, and carried a lot of that knowledge to Palm), And Windows Phone probably wouldn’t have been designed like it is. I’d say he definitely did a LOT to change the industry by merely saving Apple. Dude was an asshole, sure, but that doesn’t invalidate the effect he had on the industry by again, merely saving Apple.

EDIT: Also Pixar. Without Jobs we wouldn’t have Pixar, and as such, a lot of influential Disney Pixar movies would have never seen the light of day. Though Jobs BOUGHT Pixar, I’d like to think he helped influence them into what they are today.



2. Theodore Seuss Geisel cheated on his wife, causing her to commit suicide.



3. Mahatma Gandhi regularly slept naked with underage girls to ‘test’ himself against temptation.

The Gandhi and underage girls is much weirder than most folks realize. Gandhi was old and needed the help of young girls to walk etc as companion. So far so good. ( he asked for similar aid for his wife after her heart attack in prison) They were usually family as well (eg his grand niece, Manu). He, his companions and other folks around usually all slept on a mat on the floor at night. Being the tropics, everyone was lightly clothed, at night…

This is the point that many critics Hitchens et al jump on sleeping with nearly naked girls or naked girls or naked with girls, and it is completely mistaken and off.

Gandhi commonly wore just a dhoti/loincloth out of sympathy with the poor for later part of his life. Sleeping on a mat together communally is also common in India, even today, it makes it tougher for a husband and bride to get their sexy_times. So far so good, but we must go deeper.
Gandhi felt that he had transcended normal householder married state to the traditional last state of life in India, that of a brahmacharya. A brahmacharya is an ascetic who has renounced worldly pleasures but may get involved as advisor. Look around ancient India and even the current saffron party, and you can find putative examples.

Gandhi felt that as a brahmacharya he had transcended temptation and that this gave him a unique spiritual and political force to change society and government.

He used to bathe the girls, (as a father did or as a brahmacharya) . He wanted to write of this in his magazine (he edited it also), probably to show his credentials, but his wife and friends managed to dissuade him, as they felt it would be damaging rather than add to his moral authority., and would undermine the other social and Hindu causes and changes he advocated ( much/most of which was very worthy)
Good call, you say ?

Now was there anything sleazy going on ? Definitely not stuff you want to talk about. Also keep in mind that the girls were usually family. One could argue that many unfortunate hings happen in families, or that this was not like that,; instead let us ask.: Did he actually do anything ?
Keep in mind that Gandhi had massive hangups with sex ever since his father died while he was having sexy times with his wife. Also keep in mind that very late in life, amid the birth and growth of modern India, he woke up with night wood and was so stricken and pissed that he went on a week long vow of silence. Mountbatten remarked on it when they met at that time. It is documented record. For a guy who thought himself a bramachari, who tried to practice what he preached, to have evidence to the contrary, supposedly after many years, it is completely in keeping with why he was so panic stricken.

And that is why I believe that ultimately he is innocent of the darkest charge, that he should have not tried to put into practice his belief in this area ( but then it would be difficult to ask that of Gandhi, the author of the story of my experiments with truth and be the change you want to see in this world, who forced his wife to clean toilets like he and others did as a matter of principle and almost threw her out when she objected), while the most common charge of this practice is baseless in context.



4. Mother Theresa because she said was that she didn’t feel anything while she prayed.

You hear a lot of stories where people “feel the Holy Spirit” when they pray. But she said she never did. She felt an emptiness, as she called it. She was likely depressed, after living for years in the slums of India with the poorest of the poor. She still believed, and spent something like 4 hours praying before the alter every day.

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