The Future of e-commerce with Bill Gurley

On September 15th in San Francisco, Sailthru hosted a fireside chat with Bill Gurley of Benchmark, one of the world’s smartest tech investors, moderated by Emily Chang, correspondent and tech journalist of Bloomberg West.

With investments in next generation technologies including Uber, OpenTable, Zillow, GrubHub, and Sailthru, Bill understands market opportunities, and can easily pinpoint how businesses can transform the status quo.


In this chat, Bill examines the future of e-commerce and provides his perspective on the future of the unicorn market, how “funnel reversal” is impacting marketer’s focus on google, and why retention is critical to profitability over acquisition’s hold on growth.

In my opinion, this was a very insightful talk! Bill Gurley is spot on with most things here. The only part I disagree on is Bill’s emphasis on building native apps versus html5 for retailers. Aside from those consumers who use MASSIVE retail native apps such as Amazon, I haven’t seen marketing stats that show consumers prefer native apps over html5.

A recent stat I read showed “across all demographics, 87% prefer shopping via websites and mobile sites, compared to just 4% that like to use mobile apps.” Also, I’m not sure there is much anxiety if a customer wants to visit a website in their browser versus a native app. Safari’s native suggestion tool is very good/fast . From my perspective, the cons seem to outweigh the pros for building native apps in e-commerce. The exception is if the business is a flash sale style site (love those push notifications!).


Download the video here

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