Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan Review

forget the risk. take the fall. if it’s what you want. it’s worth it all.

This quote reminds me of this anime.

 For most your life, all you have ever known is disappointment, loneliness and rejection. Digging yourself lower and lower into the earth is your only comfort. If the chance to burst through the ceiling, seize the world above and claim it as your own arrives, will you take it?


This is a story of a boy who grasps at the skies with his dirt covered hands. A boy who spent his days drilling his way deeper and deeper into the ground, then eventually turns his drill to the heavens above. And he does it not alone, but with the help of those who come to mean more than the universe to him.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is more of an experience than anything else. It is a captivating and entertaining piece of art that will have all your senses in a tangle over it. And like any piece of art, it is up for interpretation. While it is clear that most people are caught up with its strong points, very few notice its weaknesses. It is a masterful anime in many respects, but it is far from perfection.

The story involves a group of rebels led by the charismatic hothead Kamina with his young friend and partner Simon in tow, while in the company of an extremely competent and cool sniper, Yoko. Simon gains control over a mecha called Lagann, and from there, his destiny begins to unfold around him. Their world is overrun by beasts who oppress humans. So they make up their mind to fight, and fight hard.

What you have here is a fun, energy filled, manly action series with some of the most over the top mecha and fight scenes that at its core is entertainment at its purest. It is witty, funny, and highly simplistic in the way the story unfolds. Mecha battle after battle, ridiculous power ups that are satirical to the genre, and lots of babes to go around without getting in the way and actually contributing than being damsels in distress. It plays out traditionally with the expected mini-boss battles that are even thematic (based on fire, water, earth and air) depending on which evil minion the Gurren Brigade encounters. This is an adventure to its fullest, not holding back at all, shoving everything in your face and blowing you away. It is absolutely incredible.

Only on the rarest of occasions does an anime come along that truly grabs me and elevates itself above mere entertainment and into the realms of gripping television. This anime did this with frightening ease, not with complexity or depth of its storyline, nor with its technical excellence, or innovation, but with its boldness, energy, sense of humor, and heart. This was a good anime.

Rate it.

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