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Chasing the Dead on eBay

Old comic books have appreciated in value exponentially over the last 25 years, but new comic books, specifically those published in the 1990s or later, have been a different story. Many of today’s new releases at your local comic book shop will be readily available at a discount within just a few months or sometimes […]

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Resident Evil 6 Officially Announced

They did it, they finally brought back the zombies, this makes me beyond happy. Containing my excitement for this game, here is the first look at Resident Evil 6, starring Chris and Leon as they fight back a global outbreak. The game isĀ scheduled for release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 20, 2012, […]

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The Walking Dead Review

If you love Zombie’s then The Walking DeadĀ is the best show ever. Every show is 1 hour long and it feels like a movie every.single.time. The down side is that there 6 Episodes for Season 1 and 8 for Season 2.   So basically, The Walking Dead is an on-going story about a group of […]

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