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Rumor: Microsoft to unveil next Xbox in spring

Microsoft apparently aware of Sony’s launch. While Sony is planning to reveal its next-generation PlayStation later this month, Microsoft won’t reveal its next-generation Xbox until spring, according to Polygon “sources familiar with the Microsoft console.”    “Microsoft, while already aware of Sony’s launch timing, plans to hold its own announcement this spring, months after Sony’s […]

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Leaked ‘Xbox 720′ document alleges 2013 launch, augmented reality glasses and more

Microsoft left a lot of people hungry for details about its next-generation console system at this year’s E3. This past weekend, however, those people had plenty to chew on, courtesy of a leaked document that purports to offer plenty of previously unannounced details on the system.   The 56-page document, which first surfaced in the popular […]

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XBOX, PS3: FIGHT! Microsoft Drops XBOX/Kinect Bundle for $99 and a Catch.

Hot on the heels of the PS3 price drop to $199.99, Microsoft has fired back with an XBOX/Kinect bundle for $99.00. The catch is you have to sign up for 2 years of XBOX Live Gold for $14.99 a month bringing the total package to around $460.  Wait, what? If you were going to sign […]

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[Rumor] Final Fantasy XV to be Released for Every HD Platform

Their is a rumor going on that Final Fantasy will have a special 25th anniversary announcement at E3. According to GameMaster’s U.K. magazine, Square Enix will be announcing that FFXV will be released for every platform, including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC.   Like all rumors, take this with a grain of […]

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Xbox Next going to be unveiled in 2012?

If you haven’t been catching up with the latest rumor posts I’ve been making, then shame on you! You need to check it out at these links here: Successor to Xbox 360 Xbox Next will have ARM and Windows 9   If you’re like me then you must know their are some truths to rumors, […]

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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Beta has been Leaked.

Best Year in Gaming or Worst?   Man how many games are leaking out nowadays? First Disc 2 of Modern Warfare, then Xbox 360 version, and now the Beta for Mass Effect 3! What the hell Infinity Ward and Bioware!? If you signed up for the beta on Xbox Live you were accidentally given the […]

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