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Skyrim – Making a Battlemage

Class: Battlemage Race: Breton Skills: Conjuration, Destruction, One-Handed Shout: Any Defensive   How to use the stats points: You need a good even mix of the three stats, with stamina probably the least useful. I’d say 2 Magicka, 2 Health, and 1 Stam (until you stam is around 200, then alternate Health and Magicka)   […]

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Charlie Sheen gets hanged!

at Halloween Haunt’s show! I went to Halloween Haunt at Knott’s Berry Farm and I don’t like Halloween stuff much, but every time I go there, I always watch The Hanging and Putz Prank Party. With the release of Cowboys and Aliens, it made a perfect theme for this years hanging. Notable insults included: 1.) […]

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