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GameStop: Friend or Foe?

The gaming landscape is shifting sand right now and GameStop is doing everything it can to stay relevant and profitable. Despite charges that its used games policy is killing developers, GameStop does provide a huge variety of offerings to the video game playing public. But as a brick and mortar entity, the future is much […]

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No PS4 will be announced at E3 2012

Kaz Hirai the Executive Deputy President of Sony┬áhas confirmed today that their will be no announcement of the PlayStation 4 at E3 2012. Nintendo will be showing off the Wii U at E3 2012 completely. I was lucky enough to see Nintendo’s new tablet-controller and Wii U system at CES 2012 as it was by […]

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Batman Arkham City Delayed for PC…again

Originally planned for a release date of November 18th Warner Bros has delayed the release date for the PC version of the game again…   Warner Bros. has released today their new date for the Delayed video game. The console versions, PS3 and Xbox 360 are planned for a release date of October 18th. North […]

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