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Rumor: Microsoft to unveil next Xbox in spring

Microsoft apparently aware of Sony’s launch. While Sony is planning to reveal its next-generation PlayStation later this month, Microsoft won’t reveal its next-generation Xbox until spring, according to Polygon “sources familiar with the Microsoft console.”    “Microsoft, while already aware of Sony’s launch timing, plans to hold its own announcement this spring, months after Sony’s […]

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Crysis 3 to support DirectX 11 on PC, Wii U Version Doubtful

Even the pickiest of graphics obsessives has to admit that Crysis 2 looked pretty damn spiffy upon its release last March. But the PC version of the game didn’t look as spiffy as it could until a DirectX 11 update last June. That added features like hardware tessellation, displacement mapping, and realistic shadows. For Crysis […]

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Earbuds FG Black Review

Hey everyone, just got Hooked Up with some new Earbuds FG (Black) courtesy of Skunk Juice. The name/brand probably rings a bell as you might have seen them at CES 2011 and 2012 (me too!) No? Must have been the product placement in a YouTube with David Choi and TimothyDelaghetto.   Anyway, Diving right on in to […]

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He has some serious pairs of balls. I almost puked from laughing to hard. If you’re a fan of DBZ then you’ll get this and if you’re not, well, you’ll probably still laugh as hard as I did.   This man has no shame!   Goku Turns Super Saiyan 3 First Time:   Show them […]

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Five People One Guitar

 Here is a video of Five People Covering a Song Using Only One Guitar Walk off the Earth and Sarah Blackwood perform a cover of Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know” using five people on one guitar.   Check out the Epic beard man! Help them share this by posting it on your FaceBook and Twitter. If you […]

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Windows 8 Public Beta will be released in February 2012

According to TNW, the public Windows 8 beta will be released in late February of 2012.   It was expected that Windows 8 would be released in 2012, but the exact date for the completion and shipping of the forthcoming operating system still remains undisclosed. There were rumors that the operating system was going to be […]

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Stop motion made with Google Maps street view

Address Is Approximate, A Google Street View / Robot inspired stop motion short   Google Street View stop motion animation short made as a personal project by director Tom Jenkins.  Story: A lonely desk toy longs for escape from the dark confines of the office, so he takes a cross country road trip to the […]

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