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Goon (Red Band Trailer)

I can honestly say, I wont being watching this for any kind of story line whatsoever. I just want to see the jokes drop and the people pop!  

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Need for Speed: The Run Trailer

  Sooo… what if a movie director decided to direct a trailer for a game, using CGI at that? Well, I honestly could not say until I saw this. Michael Bay directed this action packed, fast paced, game trailer for NFS:The Run. I can only say, “oooooh my”.

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Battlefield 3 Launch Trailer (New Gameplay Video)

10.25.11 A new Launch Trailer for Battlefield 3 is released and it looks AMAZING.. We’ve all seen the trailers and read the storyline, but next week it’s getting real. Time to play some Battlefield 3 in 2 DAYS, YES. Loving the remake of the Battlefield theme music *shudders*

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens and Trailer

Square Enix has released a seven-minute trailer and a collection of new screenshots for Final Fantasy XIII-2, showing off returning character Snow’s redesign along with some monsters and battle scenes. Final Fantasy XIII-2 releases on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in early 2012, with a Japanese release in mid-December.   Screen shots of in game:   […]

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