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Skyrim – Creating a Mage for Beginners

Beginner’s guide to being a Mage in Skyrim I’ll be giving you a build that will be the easiest and the most fun way to play the game, in my opinion.   So, lets have a look at races. We have 3 races that make a good mage, but I prefer High Elf specifically because […]

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Lindsay Lohan in Playboy for 1 Million Dollars!!

NOBODY CARES RIGHT? I know this isn’t tech news, but who cares, I thought this news was interesting so I’m going to publish it.   So yeah, Linday Lohans in the news today because she is going to be in Playboy Magazine. According to reports Playboy is giving her close to a Million Dollars.┬áLindsay Lohan […]

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