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Sony finally stops shipping PlayStation 2 in Japan

Thirteen years after its launch, Sony has stopped shipping PlayStation 2 consoles to retailers in Japan. Launched on March 4, 2000 in the nation, the console has sold over 150 million units globally, making it the most popular system of all-time.   In Japan itself, Sony has sold 22 million PS2s. Unlike in other nations, […]

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Ouya Kickstarter closes at $8.58 million

Ouya closed its Kickstarter campaign today with $8,584,466 raised from 63,308 backers. It exceeded its intial $950,000 goal by 903 percent.    Console manufacturer Boxer8 have since launched an official Ouya web portal, separate from the project’s Kickstarter blog, accessible at Ouya.tv. The site currently contains the Kickstarter pitch video, a form to receive e-mail updates, and the […]

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Final Fantasy Versus XIII canceled?

Sources claim that it was decided “within the last few weeks”. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is dead, according to “several sources” of Kotaku. In their words, “the game, as originally intended, is done for.”    The Tetsuya Nomura-directed Final Fantasy was announced at E3 six years ago, and saw its latest major update in the form of a seven […]

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Square Enix: Next gen of consoles need lots of RAM

Gaming developer Square Enix has stated that next-gen consoles will need much more RAM if they want devs to create “better experiences.” Creative Director and Senior Manager Takeshi Nozue says memory size is the biggest challenge for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and he hopes the console makers will improve on this important aspect.  The company showed off some very […]

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E3 – Square Enix Reveals Next-Gen Final Fantasy Tech Demo

Square Enix introduced its next-generation engine Luminous Studio today with a Final Fantasy-inspired tech demo called Agni’s Philosophy.   The engine, in development internally at Square Enix, is able to depict high-quality, “real time computer graphics,” at the same level as “pre-rendered computer graphics,” according to Square. Characters are detailed to the point where they express “life-like […]

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Pre-Order Final Fantasy XIII-2 for $45

Toys R Us is offering Final Fantasy XIII-2 for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 for $47.99 plus free shipping. You can buy the normal version for $15 less or you can get collector’s edition at full price.   Square Enix has announced that their is incentives for preordering the game depending on the outlet you choose. The bonuses will be […]

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[Rumor] Final Fantasy XV to be Released for Every HD Platform

Their is a rumor going on that Final Fantasy will have a special 25th anniversary announcement at E3. According to GameMaster’s U.K. magazine, Square Enix will be announcing that FFXV will be released for every platform, including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC.   Like all rumors, take this with a grain of […]

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens and Trailer

Square Enix has released a seven-minute trailer and a collection of new screenshots for Final Fantasy XIII-2, showing off returning character Snow’s redesign along with some monsters and battle scenes. Final Fantasy XIII-2 releases on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in early 2012, with a Japanese release in mid-December.   Screen shots of in game:   […]

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