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House of Reps passes CISPA

The US House Of Representatives has passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) by a margin of 248 to 168. Despite the passing, the bill is still stalled in the Senate and President Obama has indicated he will veto the bill no matter what, regardless.   What is Cispa? The new Act is […]

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All Republican Candidates Believe SOPA Goes too Far

I try and stay away from politics as this is a primarily a Tech/Game site, but when one of the Republican presidential candidates addressed the issue on SOPA, it qualified as an article on this site. One of the issues the Republican presidential candidates have not addressed that much is the internet. During the The […]

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SOPA Vote Delayed, New Hearing Set to Wednesday

Today Lamar Smith the Judiciary Committee Chairman has delayed the vote for SOPA until wednesday.   The reason of the delay is because Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith wanted to bring in technical experts to testify whether altering the internet’s domain-naming system to fight websites deemed “dedicated” to infringing activity would create security risks.

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