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Skyrim – Making a Battlemage

Class: Battlemage Race: Breton Skills: Conjuration, Destruction, One-Handed Shout: Any Defensive   How to use the stats points: You need a good even mix of the three stats, with stamina probably the least useful. I’d say 2 Magicka, 2 Health, and 1 Stam (until you stam is around 200, then alternate Health and Magicka)   […]

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iPhone 4S users have issues with SIM cards

If you have been experiencing issues with your SIM card, it’s not just you.   You probably received the error saying, “No SIM card installed”. Since the iPhone 4S launched last month, a lot of people have had a lot of problems such as bad battery life and Siri not working. The latest issue now […]

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