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GameStop: Gamers could snub new consoles without pre-owned support

GameStop cites surveys of its customers. The game retailer – which makes around half of its profits from selling pre-owned games – has warned that its customers might decide not to buy a next generation games console if it blocks playing pre-owned titles.   GameStop spokesman, Matt Hodges, pointed to surveys of members of the […]

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Valve Creating It’s Own Game Console?

There has been speculation on the matter for some time, but the rumors appear to be heating up. Verge has uncovered evidence that Valve, the company behind PC game digital distribution platform Steam has been working on a gaming console for some time now.   The console would be called the “Steam Box” and the […]

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Official Pictures for Droid 4 Released

It’s time to finally replace your OG Droid because the guys over at Droid-Life has released official pictures of the upcoming Droid 4.   We all speculated for awhile now that the Droid 4 was to be released before Christmas, but now with the leaked spec sheet, it’s now speculated that the release date is […]

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