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Helpless Asian Boy Attacked and Jumped Behind School *update 1/19/12*

I was debating on whether or not I should write an article about this video at first, but ultimately I decided to because this story needs to be told. Here is a video of a helpless 17-year-old Chinese boy being jumped by 6 others behind school and desperately trying to run away.   You can hear the victim in […]

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SOPA Vote Delayed, New Hearing Set to Wednesday

Today Lamar Smith the Judiciary Committee Chairman has delayed the vote for SOPA until wednesday.   The reason of the delay is because Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith wanted to bring in technical experts to testify whether altering the internet’s domain-naming system to fight websites deemed “dedicated” to infringing activity would create security risks.

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Justin Bieber could go to jail for 5 years?

A new bill in Congress makes posting a video containing any copyrighted work a felony with up to 5 years in prison.   But wait… didn’t Justin Bieber get famous by posting YouTube videos of himself singing copyrighted R&B songs? Yep.             Gomez herself could potentially face jail time for […]

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