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E3 – Square Enix Reveals Next-Gen Final Fantasy Tech Demo

Square Enix introduced its next-generation engine Luminous Studio today with a Final Fantasy-inspired tech demo called Agni’s Philosophy.   The engine, in development internally at Square Enix, is able to depict high-quality, “real time computer graphics,” at the same level as “pre-rendered computer graphics,” according to Square. Characters are detailed to the point where they express “life-like […]

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XBOX, PS3: FIGHT! Microsoft Drops XBOX/Kinect Bundle for $99 and a Catch.

Hot on the heels of the PS3 price drop to $199.99, Microsoft has fired back with an XBOX/Kinect bundle for $99.00. The catch is you have to sign up for 2 years of XBOX Live Gold for $14.99 a month bringing the total package to around $460.  Wait, what? If you were going to sign […]

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Wii U to Get a Name Change

Serious discussions are ongoing at the highest level in the US and Japan as to whether the firm should cut its losses and consider changing the name of its Next-Generation Console, Wii U. – computerandvideogames A change of name is a real possibility.   If this were to be true, it will be announced at E3. […]

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No PS4 will be announced at E3 2012

Kaz Hirai the Executive Deputy President of Sony has confirmed today that their will be no announcement of the PlayStation 4 at E3 2012. Nintendo will be showing off the Wii U at E3 2012 completely. I was lucky enough to see Nintendo’s new tablet-controller and Wii U system at CES 2012 as it was by […]

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Nintendo loses $1.32 Billion

Nintendo’s is going to have to step their game up and become less of a casual platform. Casual games are just too big on smartphones, tablets, and Portable Media Players that are all more or less in the same price range as their consoles. Although I feel like Sony and Microsoft are doing terrible this generation too. […]

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Mass Effect 3 Coming to Wii U?

  Rumors have been sparked about where Commander Shepard might be making an appearance. According to publisher EA’s extranet, Mass Effect 3 will not only be making its way back to the PS3, Xbox360, and PC, but will also be on an undisclosed next generation system as well. With the only next generation system currently […]

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