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Gaming company THQ files for bankruptcy

Game maker THQ has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, with its assets being sold to private equity firm Clearlake Capital Group for $60 million. The company’s stock fell 73 percent on the 19th to finish at $0.35 cents.   Last month, the company admitted it was seeking “strategic financing alternatives” as it bled cash. Clearlake […]

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Starcraft: Metamorphosis

  Visually beautiful work done by Starcraft Legacy and Chris “Freespace” Ciocotisan. A fan CG animation, that, leaves me breathless and in awe. It leaves you speechless really, something you would have to look into and watch yourself.

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7 Rules of Success

Steve Jobs and the 7 Rules of Success Steve Jobs’ impact on your life cannot be underestimated. His innovations have likely touched nearly every aspect — computers, movies, music and mobile. I learned from Jobs that a presentation can, indeed, inspire. For entrepreneurs, Jobs’ greatest legacy is the set of principles that drove his success.┬áHere’s […]

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