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The 10 Best Products on ThinkGeek Part 1 of 2

In no particular order.   Domo-kun Face Aaargh. I’m a scary monster! Aaargh.   For fans of the Japanese monster character Domo-kun, here’s a great new shirt for you! I haven’t bought this shirt or anything of what I’m reviewing right, but these are the stuff I would really die for! This Domo-kun shirt is […]

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3 New Trailers And A Handful Of Screens for Skyward Sword

Nintendo released all kinds of content for Skyward Sword today, including screenshots and three trailers showing off gameplay and new game features. The first of the three trailers below shows Eldin Volcano, where we see Link using his sword as a dousing rod to uncover buried treasure. The second, shows off the Earth Temple dungeon, […]

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