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Steve Ballmer’s Keynote @ CES 2012

Steve Ballmer with Ryan Seacrest took the stage for the last time to talk about Microsoft’s upcoming project, Windows 8. They introduced the HTC Titan 2 which has a 16 MP Camera. They also heavily emphasized about their upcoming project (Windows Eight) and the Kinect.   They talked about how “simple” the new OS will […]

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[Rumor] God of War IV Will Have Online Multiplayer co-op

According to a UK Playstation Magazine, rumors are saying that God of War 4 is going to feature Kratos and Deimos in multiplayer co-op. Co-op mode will be starring Kratos and his brother Deimos who are attempting to escape the afterlife.   The rumors of development process started when Chanik Hwang’s (where you can visit his personal […]

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Astroid Hurtling Towards Earth!

Asteroid 2005 YU55. (AP/NASA/Cornell/Arecibo)   So apparently there is an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier coming towards Earth and if that news to you doesn’t scare you, well then here this, NASA has classified the asteroid 2005 YU55 as a “potentially hazardous object“. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that it will be the […]

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