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Google Glass UI shown off in new video

Google has posted a video to show you how it feels to use its ambitious Glass prototype. All the footage in the video is actually recorded through Glass.   The video shows a variety of different scenarios, including sky diving, a rollercoaster ride, horse riding and more. You interact with Glass by simply instructing it to […]

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iPad 3 to have a 2048×1536 high-resolution Retina Display and a Quad-Core Processor

With the iPad 3 expected to be released in March, it will have many upgraded features. It will have a quad-core processor, have LTE 4G support, and a resolution with Retina Display at 2048×1536.   According to Bloomberg, they say that the Retina Display will “have pixels small enough to make the images look like printed […]

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CES 2012: SpareOne – Cell Phone that Lasts 15 Years on a single AA Battery?

Another new awesome device/cell phone is the SpareOne. The SpareOne is a Cell Phone that Lasts 15 Years on a single AA Battery in standby and has a talk time of up to 10 hours on a single battery.   The cell phone is meant to be an emergency phone that is available in any […]

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