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PlayStation 4 unveil on February 20

Sony will indeed reveal the successor to PlayStation 3 at its PlayStation Meeting 2013 press event on February 20, according to sources of The Wall Street Journal. “Sony’s device will be released later this year, these people [familiar with the matter] said, and will spar against Microsoft’s own machine, which is also expected to be […]

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Sony finally stops shipping PlayStation 2 in Japan

Thirteen years after its launch, Sony has stopped shipping PlayStation 2 consoles to retailers in Japan. Launched on March 4, 2000 in the nation, the console has sold over 150 million units globally, making it the most popular system of all-time.   In Japan itself, Sony has sold 22 million PS2s. Unlike in other nations, […]

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Square Enix: Next gen of consoles need lots of RAM

Gaming developer Square Enix has stated that next-gen consoles will need much more RAM if they want devs to create “better experiences.” Creative Director and Senior Manager Takeshi Nozue says memory size is the biggest challenge for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and he hopes the console makers will improve on this important aspect.  The company showed off some very […]

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XBOX, PS3: FIGHT! Microsoft Drops XBOX/Kinect Bundle for $99 and a Catch.

Hot on the heels of the PS3 price drop to $199.99, Microsoft has fired back with an XBOX/Kinect bundle for $99.00. The catch is you have to sign up for 2 years of XBOX Live Gold for $14.99 a month bringing the total package to around $460.  Wait, what? If you were going to sign […]

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BLACK FRIDAY deals – Refurbished Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor for only $69.99

Black Friday is almost here and GameStop is ready with the some of the biggest savings of the year, including: Refurbished Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor for only $69.99. These are just some of the great offers available at GameStop.com beginning tonight. Please click the links/banners you are interested below:   Refurbished Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor […]

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Added Good Deal Ads to the website for the Holidays!

If you ready for Black Friday and the Holidays, I’m here to help you save some money. Promise no spyware, were quality here! Click the Image Below to be redirect to a page with the following offers:   Free limited edition Battlefield 3™ poster when you purchase Battlefield 3™ . While supplies last. Choose from 5 […]

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