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PlayStation 4 unveil on February 20

Sony will indeed reveal the successor to PlayStation 3 at its PlayStation Meeting 2013 press event on February 20, according to sources of The Wall Street Journal. “Sony’s device will be released later this year, these people [familiar with the matter] said, and will spar against Microsoft’s own machine, which is also expected to be […]

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Wii U clock speeds revealed

While Nintendo has kept certain aspects of the Wii U hardware secret, developer “Marcan” has released them for the masses. Marcan has revealed the CPU and GPU clock speeds for the new console, which on the surface do not appear to be too spectacular but very efficient.   According to the dev, the Wii U’s […]

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Details of the Xbox 720 Leaked

According to Kotaku the Next Xbox (Xbox 720) will have Blu-ray, Kinect, a Anti-Used games system, and will have a Smaller Controller. With the specifications being purely hypothetical, sources are saying that the next Xbox will be six times more powerful than Xbox 360 and will yield 20% greater performance than Nintendo’s forthcoming console, the […]

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