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Rumor: Microsoft to unveil next Xbox in spring

Microsoft apparently aware of Sony’s launch. While Sony is planning to reveal its next-generation PlayStation later this month, Microsoft won’t reveal its next-generation Xbox until spring, according to Polygon “sources familiar with the Microsoft console.”    “Microsoft, while already aware of Sony’s launch timing, plans to hold its own announcement this spring, months after Sony’s […]

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Ouya Kickstarter closes at $8.58 million

Ouya closed its Kickstarter campaign today with $8,584,466 raised from 63,308 backers. It exceeded its intial $950,000 goal by 903 percent.    Console manufacturer Boxer8 have since launched an official Ouya web portal, separate from the project’s Kickstarter blog, accessible at Ouya.tv. The site currently contains the Kickstarter pitch video, a form to receive e-mail updates, and the […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

Samsung has sent me a package containing the 16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi version and it’s accessories for me to review. Lets get right into it.   One of the first things I noticed on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was the really nice and sharp display given. Right above the display, it has a front facing […]

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