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Skyrim – Creating a Mage for Beginners

Beginner’s guide to being a Mage in Skyrim I’ll be giving you a build that will be the easiest and the most fun way to play the game, in my opinion.   So, lets have a look at races. We have 3 races that make a good mage, but I prefer High Elf specifically because […]

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Star Wars: The Old Republic BETA Review Part 2

  If you haven’t seen Part 1 of my review you should check it out.   If any of you guys played Mass Effect or Dragon Age, you’ll be immediattely familiar with style of conversation. In group conversations, each player can select their own response. When a dialog option is selected a rumber is randomly […]

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Firefox 8 Final Released!

Oh man Dragon Ball Z, how this brings back childhood memories, but why am I talking about DBZ, this is supposed to be about Firefox 8.   Firefox 8 “supposedly” has an official release date on November 8th and I say supposedly with ” marks is because it’s final is now released. I have provided […]

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