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PS4 and Xbox 8 to retail for $400?

According to Baird Equity Research industry analyst Colin Sebastian, the upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft will retail for $400, or possibly even less. The analyst cites meetings he had with developers and “a number of companies” during CES.   If accurate, the prices would be lower than expected and would put the consoles in […]

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Valve Creating It’s Own Game Console?

There has been speculation on the matter for some time, but the rumors appear to be heating up. Verge has uncovered evidence that Valve, the company behind PC game digital distribution platform Steam has been working on a gaming console for some time now.   The console would be called the “Steam Box” and the […]

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Xbox Next going to be unveiled in 2012?

If you haven’t been catching up with the latest rumor posts I’ve been making, then shame on you! You need to check it out at these links here: Successor to Xbox 360 Xbox Next will have ARM and Windows 9   If you’re like me then you must know their are some truths to rumors, […]

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