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Kickstarter Spotlight: Edge of the Unknown II

Courtesy of comics creators Jon Vinson and Marco Roblin is a new graphic novel offering on Kickstarter, Edge of the Unknown II. This is the sequel to their critically acclaimed Edge of the Unknown, about real life buddies Harry Houdini(famed escape artist) and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle(Sherlock Holmes creator) working together to solve a murder […]

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Comics Spotlight: Mind MGMT

If you’re looking for something new and different to read this summer, you should try picking up artist/writer Matt Kindt’s new monthly comic book series, Mind MGMT. The first issue takes the reader on a strange, psychological suspense thrill ride. Here’s the official publisher’s description of the first issue: Reporting on a commercial flight where […]

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Free Comic Book Day is Tomorrow!

It’s the yearly trip to funny book mecca, tomorrow! There will be 42 different free comic books available at your local comics shop on Saturday, May 5th. Major publishers like Marvel and DC will have offerings as well as smaller imprints. Looking at the list, I see many interesting books to seek out. Sure to […]

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avx variant

AvX Hits the Stands!

Avengers vs. X-Men #0 was released a few days ago at your local comics shop. This is the first issue of Marvel’s latest big crossover event. The “big two” comics publishers, Marvel and DC, have been known for orchestrating big events ever since the 1980’s starting with Marvel’s Secret Wars and DC’s Crisis on Infinite […]

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Sample Edge of the Unknown Graphic Novel for FREE on itunes

Edge of the Unknown, the new graphic novel from Jon Vinson and Marco Roblin, is getting a lot of buzz! You can read the first issue for free on itunes. Here’s a description: Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle investigate a series of brutal murders, in 1920’s Hollywood. Summary: An older Harry Houdini, past his […]

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New Comics Day Spotlight: Orc Stain #7 by James Stokoe

Today is Wednesday, which is significant for a couple of reasons. One reason being that I’ll be getting my cheeks Botoxed once again behind the local 7-11, and the other more important reason being that it’s NEW COMICS DAY! Each week I’ll be focusing on one of the new releases hitting the stands that I […]

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Cracking Open Wally Wood’s Artist’s Edition from IDW

I just picked up my copy of Wally Wood’s EC Stories Artist’s Edition from my local comic shop and I am utterly blown away. This is the latest installment in IDW’s critically acclaimed Artist’s Edition series.  Lately, comics fans have been treated to a slew of quality books featuring classic reprints, e.g. Fantagraphics’ Complete Peanuts […]

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