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Pokemon: Type Wild Beta 5.3 – Fan Made Fighting Game With Download Link

Sponsored by BOOM Bound. Play it on the Google Play store. Play it on the App Store.   A lot of you are probably thinking, “Type Wild? What is that?. Well, to answer your question, I’m not talking about the song from the anime. I’m talking about a fan-made 2d fighter set in the Pokémon […]

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Best 7 Anime Characters…

If you haven’t seen my other article on my ” Worst 5 Anime Characters… ” you should read it, it’s a pretty funny article.  *no spoilers, on the ongoing anime. Only on the ones that are completed*   Black Cat – Train Heartnet Let’s get one thing clear, Black Cat was awesome, and Train Heartnet […]

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A Review of CoD MW3

  What can I really say about this game? INCREDIBLE   I guess we can start at what I attempted first: Special Ops. An easy and fun way to pass the time either online or Coop with a friend. You have unlockables that will, definitely, keep you playing. Myself and my cousin went ahead and […]

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