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Nintendo Wii U

The Wii U Coming in November? Sony, Microsoft Watching Closely

Leaks of a November 2012 release for Nintendo’s Wii U system are springing up everywhere and I can’t help but think Sony and Microsoft are paying close attention. Because the last time Nintendo put out a new console it rocked both companies to their core. The Wii, with its motion controller a colossal smash with the […]

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wii u stylus

Nintendo Gives a Release Date for Wii U

Inside-Games has reported today that Nintendo will be releasing the Wii U Q3/Q4 2012. Nintendo will be showing off the Wii U this upcoming CES event and will possibly have demos availiable to be played. It is also to be believed that Nintendo will give us a official release date and price at this upcoming E3 event. […]

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