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Your cellphone has a Keylogger

Do you think that your cellphone is secure? If the answer to that was yes, then think again.   Many tech nerds/geeks were angry when a few months ago they found out that Apple was actually tracking where people were. The internet was a very angry place for a little while, but it turns out […]

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20 dollar cell phone

$20 Smartphone!?

Looking for a cheap smartphone? Well look no further! Today, sprint has introduced a $20 Android smartphone.   It runs on a Android 2.3 has a: 2.6″ display  320×240 Resolution QWERTY Keypad 512MB of RAM 3.2MP Camera microSD Slot 1600mAh battery 3G Capable   Buy it here   This could be a good option for someone […]

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NerdOrGeek now has added Mobile View Support!

We are currently using WPTouch Pro to help the mobile viewers of our website to be able to access the sites information on the go! The prices go from $39 for a single license to $55 for a 5-pack ( 5 WordPress Websites ) and finally the most expensive, a whopping $199 for Unlimited WordPress websites. […]

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