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Skyrim – Making a Shield and Sword type Warrior

Class: Warrior Race: Orc Skills: One Handed, Block Heavy, Armor Shout: Any   You can obviously dual wield or use a two-handed weapon, but I don’t advise it because then you start to become a more Barbaric/Berserker type class. Just because were making a Sword and Shield type warrior doesn’t mean that you have to […]

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Get the North American PS Vita on 12/17/11

The PSVita will be available in Japan first on December 17, 2011,¬†Europe and Australia,¬†February 22, 2012. But what about North America? According to IGN, it will be available on February¬†22, 2012. UGH…   BUT WAIT.. If you really want to “have” the PS Vita that will work with “American” games on 12/17/11, you can always […]

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