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Skyrim – Making a Shield and Sword type Warrior

Class: Warrior Race: Orc Skills: One Handed, Block Heavy, Armor Shout: Any   You can obviously dual wield or use a two-handed weapon, but I don’t advise it because then you start to become a more Barbaric/Berserker type class. Just because were making a Sword and Shield type warrior doesn’t mean that you have to […]

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Skyrim – Mage Skill Tree’s and Perks [Part 2]

Then head on over to the left and grab Regeneration which is all you need to get.   Heading on over to Conjuration your going to want to grab all the spells on the left starting with Summoner and put 2 points in it. Followed by Atromancy only because you have to grab it to […]

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Xbox 360’s Console Armor

  Thanks to Memods we have this exquisite new addition for our Xbox 360s. This new Console Armor custom fitted for you new Xbox 360. It’s made with a custom set of latches that batten down to the Xbox 360 in a matter of second, keeping your Xbox 360 and your brand new Console Armor […]

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