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Nvidia Targets Cloud Graphics With New Chips

Nvidia closing in on mobile space. The GPU-maker is targeting large data centers that provide cloud-based services to end users.   President and Chief Executive Jen-Hsun Huang showed off new technology based on its Kepler GPU architecture geared toward these conditions to drive the cloud-based services of tomorrow. “Kepler cloud GPU technologies shifts cloud computing […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

Samsung has sent me a package containing the 16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi version and it’s accessories for me to review. Lets get right into it.   One of the first things I noticed on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was the really nice and sharp display given. Right above the display, it has a front facing […]

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20 dollar cell phone

$20 Smartphone!?

Looking for a cheap smartphone? Well look no further! Today, sprint has introduced a $20 Android smartphone.   It runs on a Android 2.3 has a: 2.6″ display  320×240 Resolution QWERTY Keypad 512MB of RAM 3.2MP Camera microSD Slot 1600mAh battery 3G Capable   Buy it here   This could be a good option for someone […]

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Why So Siri-ous?

Looking over the web and especially the blogosphere over the past couple of days, it seems there is only one thing everyone wants to talk about: Siri. With the iPhone 4S now in millions of peoples’ hands, as expected, it’s clearly the stand-out feature of the device.   But wait. Voice technology has been around for a long time. […]

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91% of Kids Play Video Games

  Adults may make up the majority of game players, but video games are more popular than ever among kids, new research shows. According to NPD, 91 percent of U.S. children ages 2-17 play video games (64 million). More interesting, these numbers are up nearly 13 percent from a 2009 study. The number of kids in the […]

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