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E3 – Official Wii U Specs

Nintendo has finally confirmed the specs inside the upcoming Wii U. After a year of speculation, here is the full rundown, via the gaming giant:    Size Approximately 1.8 inches high, 10.5 inches deep and 6.8 inches long. Appearance The new console features a compact design that will make it a natural addition to any home entertainment setup. […]

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Short PlayStation Vita Unboxing Video/Review

Jeremy Parish unboxes the PS Vita and takes you through all the contents of this import package The front of the Vita’s screen uses a glass capacitive touch screen just like the iPhone and it’s the same for the Vita’s Rear touch panel too.   For an extra 5000 Yen (Approx $65) you can choose […]

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Full Final Fantasy X Remake for PS Vita!

There wont be any shortages of Vita at launch says Sony.   “Sony has learned its lessons of product shortages.”   In my opinion, no, they haven’t. Where is my changeable battery? Of course is not going be a shortage, because no one be getting it! Well, I’m not anyways, maybe, just check out the […]

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