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MiB 3 Teaser

Yeah. You read that right. MiB 3. I love how this trailer was made. Give away everything in this teaser whilst giving absolutely nothing to the viewer. Who is that mysterious bearded man that gave J that time traveling device? How did K die? Where in the hell is J?!?! I want this to be […]

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CoD: MW3 Weapon Proficiencies

  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a release that I look forwards to. It doesn’t help that I have to wait even longer considering that I had to see this trailer… In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 there will be a new “Weapon Proficiencies” where you can lessen the recoil from a shot, […]

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Another look into the Battlefield 3 Simulator

  Remember that Battlefield 3 Simulator we posted on the 22nd of October? Weeeell, this is the video behind the simulator, this is a video on the creation of the “Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator”. The Gadget Show spent almost $650,000 to make this paintball-gun-ridden-dome-of-ultimate-gaming-of-death. Skip up to 9:30 to see the action!

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