Steve Ballmer’s Keynote @ CES 2012

Steve Ballmer with Ryan Seacrest took the stage for the last time to talk about Microsoft’s upcoming project, Windows 8.

They introduced the HTC Titan 2 which has a 16 MP Camera. They also heavily emphasized about their upcoming project (Windows Eight) and the Kinect.


They talked about how “simple” the new OS will be and how “easy” it will be to keep in touch with things/people you care about. What caught my eye was having a picture password. They also noted that any computer can run windows 8 if the computer is able to run windows 7.

With the Xbox Kinect coming to the Windows PC on February 1st, Microsoft has showed us some cool features it will have, such as being able to respond to your voice, and how it can be controlled from the new Nokia phone. They did not give a price, but with Microsoft not giving to much new information that was already speculated, they did show us a neat feature introducing the concept of being able to interact with TV shows, for example, the Children’s Popular TV Show, Sesame Street. They had a little girl demonstrate how easy it was to interact with TV using Kinect by having her pretend to pick up a coconut and throwing it into the basket four times.


Here is a short video clip inside CES 19 Minutes Prior to when Steve balmer is going to give his Keynote Speech.

Click Here to watch the video.


Here is the “Twitter Quire” at Steve Ballmer’s Keynote.

Click Here to watch the video.


My Thoughts on Steve Ballmer’s last appearance at CES:

I thought it was ridiculous to have a “last keynote” before leaving forever and I never understood why he put himself in that position. What if CES continues to remain relevant and you need to come back in the future? You’ve basically set it up to look horrible when you do. The best keynote ever at CES was last year by Khan Manka, Jr. in which he basically slammed CES and everyone who attends it.



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